‘Destiny 2’: Let’s Admit It Failed

Destiny 2 feels like a product aimed to be sold to as wide an audience as possible, without ruffling anyone’s feathers when it comes to difficulty.

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TheGamez100126d ago

Sure but its getting better I admit, me and my friends came back for the forsaken expansion and just hope it just improves from there. Enjoying it, not as much as d1 but enjoying it.

Ceaser9857361124d ago

Initially i was enjoying it.. I didn't play D1 much may be only the story ... D2 i gave over 100 hours made friends too. Then i don't know I got bored and FC 5 released in March so played that and Since then never got back to D2 ... And i didn't invest on Forsaken either.. So cant comment on how's it at present but i am not going back.

IamTylerDurden1125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Why is Destiny 2 a failure? It sold well with more than 50% of sales being digital and it received excellent reviews. The Forsaken expansion just launched and it also scored well. People are actually very positive about Forsaken, and supposedly it tells a good story and introduces a solid new mode. It also just launched on PS+ which should really boost the community. If anything Destiny has recovered from the supposedly weak opening DLCs with arguably its strongest expansion yet. Launching on PC was also a good move. I know people just love to throw shade on Destiny but to say it's a failure is not entirely accurate.

AngelicToucH125d ago

Using "it received excellent reviews" kinda tells a lot about how simple minded you are.

CorndogBurglar124d ago

Judging someone based off of one small quote out of a comment that listed many good points kinda tells a lot about how simple minded you are.

T2X124d ago

Actually, he's right. How does stating facts about something say he's "simple minded" How about this one. The game is pretty good, reviewed well, people are and have enjoyed it so far, yet still, some goofball individuals really need to harp on a game for.....reasons?!

Michiel1989124d ago

it didnt receive excellent reviews. what it did was remove half of the features of D1. gambling for cosmetics, be it with ingame or real life currency. They lied to the community several times, they throttled the exp gain and several other things. I call that a failure, ive lost my trust in bungie as a company for just straight up lying to consumers and then backpeddling "it was a mistake we are so sorry", when users find out.

UnHoly_One124d ago

It’s an 87 on metacritic, that’s not excellent to you?

Michiel1989124d ago

I havent seen it get above 7 from any reviewer i respect. Most that gave it that high probably didnt even finish it and get to endgame, because then you will see the flaws (compared to D1). If you can explain why it should get an 8.7 go ahead. From what they removed from D1 features to the cosmetic and loot cashgrabs and lying to the community It doesnt deserve a decent score to me unless you like a game that removed all positive features it predecessor had and replaced it with features that were user unfriendly and only to support the slotmachine.

and then they show this roadmap to basically make it more like D1 and not try and rip people off. Lying to people, locking up content that you already paid for, throttling exp to make people buy more loot boxes, n o that doesnt deserve any praise in my opinion. How the mighty bungie has fallen. Was never a big fan of Halo but I could at least respect Bungie for making good games, even though they werent for me. That's not the case anymore.

HeisenbergX124d ago

@UnHoly_One it's actually 85 on meta the version with the most reviews counts

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Mithan125d ago

Game is the best game ever made, period.

MrsNesbitt125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Subjective, but ok...

Michiel1989124d ago

buy tampons if you are having trouble with your period.

porkChop124d ago

Yeah, sure, maybe if it were the *only* game ever made.

Mithan124d ago

This game is the best game ever made!

Sam Fisher124d ago

Still, id go outside and venture off....

bradfh124d ago

I'm hoping this is sarcasm because you can't tell with text

FITgamer124d ago

You either haven't played many games, or you have horrible taste in games. Don't see how anyone could even put it in their top 10.

Whatever234124d ago

Wouldn't even be in the top 1000 in my opinion .

Segata124d ago

Yet it's worse than a free to play game named Warframe. Destiny is mediocre.

JackBNimble124d ago

I'm guessing he's trying to start a fanboy fight but who could take him seriously anyway, especially with his Mario avitar.
I bet he doesn't own the right console to even play it on.

Ceaser9857361124d ago

"Game is the best game ever made, period."

LOL! Nope its not Period... But its not bad either..

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2ndhandcorn124d ago

Just like the first game sure it sold alot but no matchmaking never played with anyone and traded it .

CorndogBurglar124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

It most certainly does have matchmaking. The only thing there is no matchmaking for is when you go out into the world to do random things on planets. Also Raids. Although you can get Raid tickets and get placed on a team. So in a way there is a way to matchmake for Raids. Just not all the time.

Crucible and Strikes both have matchmaking as well. So really there is only one mode that you cannot do matchmaking for, and it just so happens to be the most boring part of the game.

So if you weren't able to play with other people then I have no idea what you were doing because there are plenty of opportunities to.

UnHoly_One124d ago

Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 have matchmaking. What game did you play?

CorndogBurglar124d ago

"No there was not ."

Great argument, buddy.

Hedstrom124d ago

I think that if you buy it today with the Forsaken expansion, and you havent played it before. You would probably think it was a great game. But for many its a little to late. But im gonna give it a couple of hours.

kneon121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I played D1 quite a lot for the first 3 months, then got bored and never bought any expansions. I tried the free D2 weekend a while back, got to level 20 and was again bored, the story is still lame. Now I got D2 free with PsPlus and after less than an hour I'm done, I have no interest in continuing. There are too many other better games to play.

Hedstrom121d ago

The first Destiny game didnt get good untill the release of The taken king. I got bored with D2 to, but i have started playing it again now with the forsaken expansion. And so far i think its a big improvment. But i have only played 20-30 hours. I hope it keeps up!