Battlefield V Dialing Back “Crazy” Character Customization, Devs Promise “Authentic Gear”

DICE has heard the complaints about Battlefield V's realism (or lack thereof) and it seems the studio is making some changes.

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annoyedgamer128d ago

LOL look how fast the story flips.

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Hairy Chewie127d ago

Too bad they won't be changing the weapon attachments that don't do anything other than change appearance... wtf.

FantasticBoss127d ago

It's WWII man. There aren't a lot of weapon attachments and rail systems at this time in history. I was just happy to be able to get a reflex sight on my guns given the general availability of the era.

rainslacker127d ago

Guess when they realized some people took their, "if you don't like it, don't buy it" comment to heart, that they actually needed to appeal to the people who would buy the game, instead of the people who make a fuss about things they actually have no interest in spending money on.

It'd be nice if other publishers would take note on this, because it's what people have been preaching to them since gamergate got derailed by Sarkeesian and her supporters. Maybe in the future, they can actually gain some good will from gamers by saying the, "if you don't like it, don't buy it", to those who had no intention or interest in buying it in the first place, and if a developer wants to do something different for artistic reasons, do it in a place where your target audience isn't an established group of what is essentially a core part of the general gaming market, along with droves of typical casual gamers who don't get involved with the politics either way.

UltraNova127d ago

Great comment man, I cant agree enough. You should tweet Dice.

I feell though that the damage has already been done and that this will be the least successful BF game in years.

FantasticBoss127d ago

But isn't this exactly what all the haters wanted? Honestly, I'm disappointed they are caving. I hope they don't end up sucking the personality out of the game.

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Chaosdreams128d ago

Looks like the pre-orders (money) is making them suddenly see the light.

If only I cared.

Jackhass128d ago

Yeah, once I saw the news about pre-orders being weak, I knew something would have to give.

TGG_overlord128d ago

The game is already dead in my eyes. So I couldn't care less.

EazyC127d ago

Me too.

Also, I always have a little sigh of relief when I see people using that term correctly. I know it's an American thing to say "I could care less", but what does that even mean!?

Concertoine127d ago


Like oh... you could... but you aren’t?

cpayne93127d ago

I'm no grammar nazi but I'm the same way, just really bugs me to see it used incorrectly idk why.

KillZallthebeast127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Most people read at a 3rd grade level in America

Christopher127d ago

Most people make up fake statistics outside of America.

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smolinsk128d ago

Great they to hear they at least are waking up now, people want the classic Battlefield and not some fortnite costumization nightmare

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