Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout's Biggest Problem Is Call of Duty

Gadgets 360 says: "Granted it's exceedingly polished for a beta, but it also means Blackout's biggest problem is being saddled with Call of Duty which could limit its appeal rather than enhance it when you consider how successful PUBG and Fortnite have been with massive player bases. Could it end up being a free component like Fortnite Battle Royale? It seems that series publisher Activision isn't interested in taking that risk, promising a wealth of updates post-launch."

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elazz130d ago

As someone who only ever bought one call of duty game half priced I was able to play the blackout beta (with the xperia lounge app, xperia owners get a free code) I must admit I was surprised. Not because of the graphics or gameplay which did feel very familiar but because of the people actually working together in squads. Unseen in cod in my eyes. Also it took a few more hits to defeat someone which made it a bit more intense. 88 players did feel like a sweet spot. Unfortunately there will be little offline content. Also I wonder if split screen will work in blackout during duo or squad but I doubt that will be the case. In case it is I'll buy it Immediately. Else somewhere down the line when it's cheaper.

TheGamez100130d ago

If Activision wants it to succeed, itll need free content updates and no BS lootcrates and microtransactions. If there are new wpns, vehicles, equipment, etc, then have it all for free, including maps. Microtransactions for cosmetics ONLY. And keep supporting the game with new modes and content for FREE to keep players coming back. So basically what fornites doing. But eh, its Activision so im expecting them to screw it up somehow. Game mode is really good and has potential.

HighlyDoubtful130d ago


AK91129d ago

This is actually a good point they might in the future just make Blackout its a separate IP and it will probably sell much more.