Marvel's Spider-Man Versus Batman: Arkham Knight - Who Did It Better?

Insomniac’s first dive into the superhero genre has been a positive experience. The acclaimed developer of titles like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive made another massive leap by creating one of the best superhero games with Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, how does it stack up against the final game in the acclaimed Batman Arkham series? Widely regarded as the best superhero franchise of all time does Marvel’s Spider-Man outshine the final installment in the Batman: Arkham series or will Insomniac need to step up in the game’s eventual sequel? Let’s find out.

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Hardiman35d ago

I adore the Arkham series! I love the three main games for different reasons but Spider-Man is well Spectacular, Amazing and Superior! The good thing is I have both!

pandehz34d ago

Most importantly who did it first.

Insomniac learned from Rocksteady. In fact the whole industry learned from the Arkham games.

Don’t get me started on how many games ripped off Arkhams combat.

Prettygoodgamer34d ago

Who did what first ? There is nothing in the Batman games that hasn't been done before.

Android34d ago

Agreed. Spiderman would not be what was if it wasn't for the influence of Rocksteady's Batman.

Being able to walk towards an army of enemies and confidently dismantle, counter and evade opponents without them landing a hit was never heard of before Batman.

CarlDechance34d ago

"ripped off"? Oh wow.....that is a rabbit hole discussion. Was everything in Arkham original? Afraid not. No game made these days is completely original. Thank goodness the good stuff is "ripped off" by other developers. Do you really want that awesome Arkham combat to live and die ONLY with Batman? Don't get me started on all the games with crap combat that sure would have been better off "ripping off" Batman. So I would be careful complaining too much about stuff getting "ripped off" in games.

MoonConquistador34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Ripped of is a bit of an overstatement. We all learn from things that have been done before and the combat mechanics in the Arkham series was one of it's best points. Shadow of Mordor tried the same type system but it didn't have quite the finesse of the Arkham series.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Which is just the same as saying "ripped off" or "plagiarized” but from a different point of view.

Carl's point above illustrates what I'm trying to say perfectly

bouzebbal34d ago

Batman is extremely well built but as said above Spiderman is much more spectacular. Pressing L2 R2 and X all the time is so satisfying and i love some details like when he suddenly has to squeeze himself through narrow spaces

nicsaysdie34d ago

I agree the fluid combat in arkham is/was a game changer. Pun intended.

Movefasta199334d ago

Rocksteady copied off assassin's creed, with the counter based combat.

Moe-Gunz34d ago

The combat in Arkham isn't original. Jet Li's Rise to Honor please look that up.

sampsonon34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

actually Arkham took from the old spider man games first. they just did it better up to now.
the first Arkham game came out after spider man 2 and look who was doing it first.

spider man 2 release was 2004 and Arkham was 2009

Yi-Long34d ago

"Being able to walk towards an army of enemies and confidently dismantle, counter and evade opponents without them landing a hit was never heard of before Batman."

Well, there was Viewtiful Joe...

justchilliando33d ago

How many games did Arkham rip the combat from, assassin's Creed for one has had the same combat way before arkham , there's been a million games that started that same combat before arkham , Now Arkham improved on that combat, from others , the old Spiderman games even had it, first but not as good , I love rocksteady ncarkham games

SolidGamerX33d ago

Being first doesn't mean they did it better. You missed the point

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starchild34d ago

They are equally good as each other.

chrisx35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Arkham Knight is a real awesome game I enjoyed it every bit, but spiderman is a much better game imo, the city being alive with pedestrians, combat etc makes it a better experience

AspiringProGenji35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I agree. Rocksteady yet again purges gotham city and I hated that. What is funny is that later Scarecrow is throwing that bomb to an empty city of civilians and his own grunts lol that really made no sense. Most of the side content was also shit and I also hated I needed to do everything, including the annoying Riddler trophies, to unlock the true endind

I still enjoyed the combat and some of the story but Spiderman seems to be better at everything

starchild34d ago

I think they both have their pros and cons. I enjoyed them to about the same degree. Curiously enough they both have the same metacritic score.

Eonjay34d ago

Infamous came before Arkham City.

AizenSosuke35d ago

Spidey did the "Arkham" formula better in my opinion.

InKnight7s34d ago

New York was always better place to begin with.

CorndogBurglar34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Well...let's not pretend like Gotham wasn't created as a dark version of New York...

BLAKHOODe34d ago

Ehhh, I dunno about that. New York is New York; you can change a few things and still say it's New York, but you can't be ridiculous in changing it or you can no longer call it New York. Basically, you're limited. But Arkham is pure fiction, which means you can do whatever you want with it without restrictions and make it into the greatest city ever superior to New York in every way.

rainslacker33d ago

Don't be silly corndog. We all know that Gotham is the dark side of Metropolis.:)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi33d ago

Gotham is based off of Chicago actually. Metropolis is based off of New York.

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Masterchief_thegoat34d ago

Better than GOTY Arkham City? Hell No

CarlDechance34d ago

I started off thinking the same thing, but the further I get into Spider-man the more it plays superior. Especially now that I have unlocked more gadgets which are far better than anything in the Arkham series, imo.

FallenAngel198435d ago

Obviously Spider-Man because it doesn’t force you into a car every so often

EddieNX 34d ago

The bat mobile was awesome! The framerate was horrible on xb1 tho which hindered the driving experience.

bouzebbal34d ago

agree with you.
i loved the Batmobile too.
i have been gliding for 3 full episodes and batmobile was a neat addition imo.
i platinumed Arkham Knight but i understand other people who disliked it.

CarlDechance34d ago

I loved the tank battles in the bat mobile. Great stuff!

FallenAngel198434d ago

The Batmobile was shoehorned in far too frequently that it’s appeal wore off.

If they used it sparingly it would’ve been appreciated, but I and many other dreaded anytime Batman took behind the wheel for the umpteenth time

CorndogBurglar34d ago

I agree. The Batmobile should have been nothing more than alternate mode of transportation. With maybe it being required to reach a section or two of the city, and maybe a boss fight.

But my favorite part of the Arkham games was always the boss fights and seeing what villains I was going to have beat down. Arkham Knight took that away by turning ALL the boss fights into Batmobile fights. Plus most of the puzzles. The Riddler stuff.

It was just too much.

Inzo34d ago

What! The Batmobile was absolutely brilliant.

CorndogBurglar34d ago

The Batmobile itself was done well. It played well and looked cool.

What wasn't done right is basing so much of the game around using the Batmobile.

Rimeskeem34d ago

I would say that Spider-man has better combat and traversal . Web slinging is awesome and the gadget use is basically required on hardest difficulty. The enemies also have a wider range imo. But, both are unique with their atmosphere and each do make you feel like the hero.

CarlDechance34d ago

Spider-man wins the traversal hands down, but that is just the nature of being Spider-man. Arkham does a damn good job with the gliding and grappling.

The hand to hand combat....about a draw for me. They both do it very well. But the gadgets are so much better with Spider-man. Those definitely give overall combat the nod to Spidey.

ChristopherJack33d ago

Never really used the gadgets. Swinging dropkicks & stealth were too over powered to require them in my playthrough.