Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS Review (TSA)

TSA writes: "Sometimes we have to face the fact that times have moved on. Some games have more of a following thanks to their associations than their actual mechanics, and the Zone of the Enders series – produced by Hideo Kojima, and the first of which included a demo for the then much anticipated Metal Gear Solid 3 – feels like such a series. The iconic design of the Jehuty Orbital Frame, an undeniably cool Evangelion-esque mech, will probably spark all sorts of nostalgia for PS2-era gamers, but this remaster of the second ZoE game just goes to show how much we used to have to put up with, even if there are a few shiny new bells and VR whistles."

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Segata37d ago

BS review score. I just played it on PS3 a couple months ago and the game is still amazing.