Zone of the Enders HD and Rumble Roses XX now on Xbox Backward Compatibility program

Konami on Twitter: "Game alert! XBOX users can now get Rumble Roses XX and Zone of the Enders HD Collection via the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program starting today!"

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littletad1181d ago

Wow, lol. That saves me from getting the Mars Second Runner version for the ps4. Now just need the metal gear solid hd collection.

ApocalypseShadow1181d ago

One has vr. One doesn't.

Metal gear vr missions in vr would also be great using Aim.

littletad1181d ago

I'm not convinced the tech in VR is at it's stride yet, so I haven't invested in VR, least for consoles. I'm just happy to use my copy. Plus I think the HD collection contains the first game too. The updated Mars version is only for the second game.