NPD: Over half of US gamers are multi-platform gamers

Multi-platform play isn’t just restricted to the most serious of gamers, says the NPD’s 2018 Gamer Segmentation Report, by EEDAR. Over 59% of gamers play on more than one platform, most typically a mobile device as well as a console or PC.

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Neonridr64d ago

that's reassuring. I am always a proponent of owning multiple hardware. There are too many games out there to miss out on by only owning one platform.

That being said, people are free to spend their money how they see fit.

KickSpinFilter64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It's not always about money sometimes it's time.

Neonridr64d ago

that's a good point, time is precious.

bouzebbal62d ago

that's not much..
i thought every gamer was at least playing on 1 console, especially since everybody has a phone nowadays.

UltraNova62d ago

True but lets not get confused here, everyone has a mobile device, nearly every everyone has a PC that can play CS and Fortnite, now add those who have a console and its not hard to see that the article's numbers are nothing special and do not mean multiple console onwers.

AnubisG62d ago

Exactly. Personally, I don't have the time to game on multiple systems.

KickSpinFilter62d ago

Well I have an iphone and I have a Computer but I can't stand to game on either. When I first got a smart phone I did for the first year but haven't since. And when on the PC I feel like I should be working so gaming does not work for me even though its a great Graphic workstation. Plus the last thing I wan't do do after getting out of work is to end up on a computer again. Blaa.

itsmebryan62d ago

Exactly. I have a gaming PC and X1X and I don't have time for another system. I have a job, wife, kids, and life makes another system unnecessary.

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darthv7264d ago

I have been gaming 40 of my 45 year life and i can say that I have always been a multi-platform gamer because of that line right here: "There are too many games out there to miss out on by only owning one platform."

When I see gamers pick a side and then throw shade at the ones they didnt it just makes me feel real bad for them. It's as if they can't be happy with what they have and instead have to tear down what they don't. Criticism is one thing but sometimes you see just outright hatred for something and those who like it.

We are all in the same hobby for the same reason. We like to play games so it really shouldnt matter what each person likes or dislikes. The hobby is big enough for all of us to be part of it.

LgbtWarrior62d ago

True. Most criticize because they cant afford all systems. Bitter people.

neutralgamer199262d ago (Edited 62d ago )


Personally I only buy one and enjoy it because having more than one makes no sense for me personally since I barely get time for one

My backlog is so big it's not even funny

I tried Xbox one multiple times and sold it after few months because it's just not for me. I originally bought Xbox over ps2 because Xbox was different but it just didn't grow and instead we still have some of the same franchises and the company is doing the same thing. I don't believe in bashing another platform just because I don't have time for or or like it but when it comes to Xbox brand it frustrates me to know Xbox brand should be in a much better plane by its 3rd released platform. I really hope ms invests heavily into story driven experiences for next Gen but it doesn't mean they can't make online or games as service type games my thing is support both

Say what you want if you can only buy one console for whatever reason ps4 is the choice because or world wide software support

From yakuza to nioh from nier to God of war Sony makes a lot of exclusives but the reason playstation brand succeeds is because a lot of international publishers feel they don't have to release the game on Xbox or pc because they won't be able to recoup the porting cost

Ps4 has more exclusives than switch, wiiu, wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox one combined now let that sink in

As someone who originally supported ms it's just sad to see that Xbox brand didn't evolve or progress as much as it should have in its 3rd generation

As a gamer I want a reason to buy anotyer platform for the must have can't miss gamers but it seems so far that's with Sony and Nintendo. Ms needs to pay attention to what Sony and Nintendo have done for decades and that's to release excellent must have system sellers

In the longterm games matter not gamepass, BC, Ea access etc all these features are nice to have and should be the cherry on top of the ice cream these can't be the main reason for your console

I am willing to give Phil the benefit of the doubt because he took over under different circumstances but let's say next Gen comes and Xbox brand is still running into the same issues than I don't even know what else can be done. Phil has a developer background so he must use this Gen as an learning experience to grow the Xbox brand world wide

When there are publishers who feel making the game exclusive to ps4 is better than porting to Xbox one for the fear they won't make enough to cover cost of port that says a lot

Thing is when someone is negative towards a brand they are labeled a hater instead of really looking into some of these things

End of the day I truly believe for us as gamers it would be best if ms Sony and Nintendo are neck and neck that means they can't rest on their values and will have to fight for consumer's attention

Competition is best for us as gamers and a strong Xbox means better support for Ps5 games and features wise

UltraNova62d ago

Neutral gamer,

I think its safe to award you on behalf of everyone here the comment of the day award. Well done dude, excellent post and totally agree.

TekoIie62d ago (Edited 62d ago )


Owning one system limits what you're able to play by quite a lot even if its just a PS4. You miss out on basically the entire strategy genre with PC along with the bulk of indie releases, and Nintendo tends to release performers the most frequently of the big 3 and they have a lot of gems worth playing too. Own them all and when you're looking for something specific you'll always be able to play.

I don't think it's hatred entirely it's just part of the hobby. Nerds are a argumentative bunch so it's what we do lol. Speaking of which....


"Say what you want if you can only buy one console for whatever reason ps4 is the choice because or world wide software support"

No it's not the worldwide choice and limiting it to consoles like that when you say worldwide suggests you're ignorant of markets outside of the West. When it comes to worldwide the strongest platform is PC. It has a good foothold in the West thanks to Steam but in Russia and most Asian countries the PS4 is barely on the radar. In Russia it doesn't even make up 30% of the market and it's a similar story in Korea.

"From yakuza to nioh from nier to God of war Sony makes a lot of exclusives but the reason playstation brand succeeds is because a lot of international publishers feel they don't have to release the game on Xbox or pc because they won't be able to recoup the porting cost"

Lol, is that why Nioh got ported to PC? Btw Nioh and Yakuza aren't made by Sony so they probably shouldn't be listed.

"Ps4 has more exclusives than switch, wiiu, wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox one combined now let that sink in"

It's not sinking in. Link your source to back up your statement please? Otherwise I'm considering it BS.

Hardiman62d ago

The thing for me is that I'm bitter towards M$ and how the Xbox brand is! I could own an S or an X but I just don't like what they are pushing.

I don't feel like I'm not within my rights for the simple fact I've spent thousands of dollars supporting them from the Xbox and the 3 360's I had and all the games. I freaking loved the Xbox because there were games like Halo 1&2, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Splinter Cell(they came to PS2 and GC but they looked the best on Xbox) Thief Deadly Shadows, Otogi I and II, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Fable, Escape from Butcher Bay, Stranger's Wrath just to name a few and the 360 started off with a bang from Mass Effect, Bio Shock, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Oblivion, Alan Wake etc and it was great until it wasn't and it started for me the multiple RRD and how there were less Alan Wakes and more Halo's and Gears!

All this is happening when I finally get the PS3 cause the first Slim just hit and I'm finding Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance, Sly, Ratchet and Clank, Demons Soul, Folklore and eventually TLOU as a swan song!

I was willing to give M$ another go though at E3 2013 because I was a fan from 01 to 10 but we know how that reveal turned out and I held off and now the state of their software is really bad!

I have no problem with people who enjoy Xbox I just have s problem with how that brand has turned out and how they want subscription/GAAS and not so much amazing AAA exclusives that would make me open the ole wallet. I'm not alone either because there's quite a few of us firmer customers who just wonder what happened to the Xbox brand!

DerekTweed62d ago


Sony didn't make Yakuza, Nier or Nioh.

It's fine to have no interest in another platform, the problem comes when a person has some kind of irrational hated towards another platform and those that prefer that platform. That is not directed towards any side, just a general statement.

BTW I love me some Yakuza!

ninerguy160862d ago

I’m 43. Playing since 5. Same boat. It’s all the same hobby on different machines. Have a pro I play a lot. Use to have an S. Truth is and I know it’s what some people throw negative comments about. I only played halo on my S. I burned myself out on it. I sold the S because I just didn’t play enough. Plus I wanted a new gun lol. But the console war in truth is no different than anything else we buy. Always people who think one thing is better than the other. Been like this since God knows how long. Chevy vs Ford. Apple vs Pc. Redline vs Gt. Yeah use to race bikes. Lol just the way we are. I will say I prefer Sony simple for the games they offer that I can’t play on other consoles. I only play a few hours a week which also makes one console seem right. But with that. I will get an Xbox for the next halo. Hopefully will be in this gen. I’m not ready to drop 500 to play it next gen. I will if I have to though. You are right that it’s all the same hobby. But look at history of most things we purchase. There is always one that is better in others eyes. Like a mentioned. The chevy/Ford argument has been going forever. Yet they are both vehicles. We will never change lol.

SuperSonic9162d ago

My multi platform collection

NES, Master System
Genesis, SNES
Saturn, PSOne
Dreamcast, PS2

360, PS31, PSP, PSVita

But now
PS4 Only

Way too many great exclusives games but not much time to play.

I am still a multi platform gamer.

Silly gameAr62d ago

Everone has a preference. Let's not sit here and pretend they don't. It's great to be a multiplatform owner, but it's also a waste of money for some, especially if they can get everything they need from one system.

I'm also a multiplatform owner, but I'm not going to pretend that I have the same interest in every console I own, and im not going to look down on people who only have one, or don't see value in owning a console that they know they'll barely even play. Gaming is an expensive hobby. People who don't have money to blow get what they're most interested in, and sometimes, they feel the need to defend their purchase from some elitist "gamers". It's not always about picking a side

rainslacker62d ago

Going off a hypothetical scenario, and assuming all I owned was a ps4, the i can say that while I may at times feel the desire to play some of the games on other systems, it would pass, because for the most part, I have more than enough to play on the system, and it occupies most of my game time

The switch or vita I use when away from home, or sometimes at home, but it's one of those things I'd just find something else to do if I didn't have them.

I'm sure if all I had was an x1, then I could also keep myself occupied but it find myself wanting to play games on the other systems more because as of the past few years, many of the games I've been playing are the exclusives for each, and ms doesn't have that many exclusives that interest me.

Either way, it's not about money that I would only have one console. It isn't about brand affiliation as I now have all three consoles and a decent enough pc. It's just that one system could pretty much satisfy my gaming needs.

Others may feel the same about a different platform, and that's perfectly fine. But for those who say people are poor or fan boys because they choose only one, it's really presumptuous and condesending to state as such.

gangsta_red62d ago

Agreed Darth, I definitely feel the same way.

I own both and planning on picking up a Switch.... sometime... hopefully soon. But yeah, it's best to own both if you can.

I also can't even imagine having both consoles and not subscribing to Gamefly personally. The amount of games I have played with that service has been a serious life saver, God of War, Vampyr, Dragon Quest 11 are just the latest I have off top. Then top it off with Game Pass and all of my gaming needs are covered.

One day I'll take it to the next level and upgrade my PC.

Old_Prodigy56d ago

I’ll take this outlook when all platforms have and release good games.

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I_am_Batman63d ago

The thing is I'm incredibly backlogged for years to come. I'd really like to get a Switch mainly for Odyssey and Breath of the Wild but since I've literally have dozens of games that I really want to play on the platforms I already own, the urge to go out and buy a new console isn't really that high right now for me.

Neonridr63d ago

platforms? or platform. We are talking about owning multiple platforms here, which it sounds like you do.

I_am_Batman63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Well overall I have a lot of consoles. From this gen it's only PS4 and PC though because of the reasons mentioned above. The point is that I know I'm missing out on some great games this gen because I don't have a Nintendo Switch but I'm also kinda missing out on games that I theoretically could play on the platforms I already have. I've been playing games for 25 years now and I'm trying to catch up on some classics that I've missed along the way.

Believe it or not but I've played Metal Gear Solid and Resident evil for the first time a couple of years ago even though I've had a PSOne since the late 90s. Back then I had more time but barely any money. Now I have the money but barely any time. It's hard to keep up but I rather have a good mix of new and old games than go all out on this gen alone.

It doesn't help that I really like to replay some of my favorite games from time to time. I've just started a new game in FFVIII even though I have a ton of PS4 games bought and some even installed that I could be playing. I know a lot of people think that these games don't hold up anymore but for me they are some of the best games of all time.

At some point I realised that enjoying a game in the moment is more important than the fear of missing out on a good game.

Neonridr63d ago

oh definitely. I have far too many electronics myself and suffer as a result because I can't enjoy all of them as much as I could if I just focused on a few instead :P

UltraNova62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Hey Bruce (hehe), a couple honest questions for you; doesn't it feel weird when hoping from say a 20 year old game to a current one and vice versa? How do you retain interest when playing older games after a new one? And how do you like when you try today old games you played before way back when?

The reason I'm asking is even when I try old time favorite games of mine (e.g.resident evil
the remaster) I cant for the life of me put in more than 30 mins before I switch to a current game...its frustrating to me that I can no longer enjoy games that I was literally day dreaming about when I wasn't playing them for hundreds of hrs when I was younger.


I_am_Batman61d ago

@UltraNova: I know that's a problem for a lot of people. I think the hardest thing to overcome between modern and oldschool 3D games are the controls and I could totally see how they could be very offputting for some players today. For some reason I get used to the wonky controls of old school games very quickly and can focus on all the amazing parts instead.

It's hard to put the finger on what exactly makes me enjoy these old school games so much but part of it is that the game design in general was more focused back in the day.

The game design back than was so limited by the hardware it ran on that the devs had to find clever ways to convey the atmosphere they wanted. Facial expressions or subtle body language were really hard to do outside of pre-rendered cutscene so devs often chose to go for exaggerated animation emphasized by sound effects. It was basically a low resolution representation where the brain has to fill in the blanks (similar to reading a book). I think that the "filling in the blanks" part is what really hooks me with those games because my brain is more actively processing the information presented.

Nowadays games are much more detailed but a lot of the details are so subtle that most players will never notice them. And when you find something that isn't as detailed as the rest of the world it immediately sticks out (It's basically the uncanney valley effect). The worlds are often huge and designed in such a way that the majority of players won't ever see half of the stuff that's in the game. As a result of that devs don't put as much work into making the optional stuff feel worthwile.

Don't get me wrong though I really like a lot about new games as well. That's why I enjoy playing both old and new games.

Aceman1862d ago

I've also been a multi platform owner ever generation it just makes it easier for me not to miss any game I potentially might want.

blawren462d ago

There is nothing here about multiple gaming consoles. Since this report concludes that 90% have smartphones and that is included in this multiplatform number. That's the survey I want to see becuase I believe that single console owners are more prevalent then we all realize. I myself have a Switch, but me having a Wii U and a 3DS doesn't count as they aren't current systems and I'm not playing those. My son took his xbox with him to college so I don't have that anymore. I want to know how many current systems people own, which is really hard to get an meaningful survey for.

Me personally, I don't have the time to play anything else.

rainslacker62d ago

It's a bit misleading since they include mobile in the mix. Not that that doesn't mean that people play on more than one platform, just that when most people in our community refer to such a thing they either mean a portable, a pc, or consoles, and some combination of them.

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CarlDechance64d ago

So smart phone gamers are now among "the most serious of gamers"?

Sirk7x62d ago

Not even close, but definitely the most selling demographic unfortunately. Mobile makes bank.

CarlDechance62d ago

No doubt there. Just wish the data we were looking at wasn't skewed by mobile gamers.

Sirk7x62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I understand what you mean by not wanting the data skewed, but is it really? The numbers show that mobile gaming is actually the largest and most profitable gaming platform in the world. I don't like it either, but it's the truth.

CarlDechance62d ago

No, what I mean is I would like to see data that was solely for consoles and PCs. Not including mobile data. So no, skewed isn't the right word.

AizenSosuke64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

That's reassuring because I want no company to drop out, but to improve and stride to better the industry not freeze it.

Sirk7x62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Nope. Only Sony may exist in the future. All media and games will be Sony. Your food will be Sony branded. You will work at a Sony human processing plant and pray at the altar of Playstation. Sony. Sony. Sony.

(Yes, I agree with you lol)

64d ago
Automatic7964d ago

I am part that percentage. I game on Xbox One X (primary console), Nintendo Switch (secondary) and PS4(for exclusives).

Unreal0162d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Yeah same. I alternate between my PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and PC. I couldn't not have one of these.

nowitzki200462d ago

Most of us are part of that percentage.. I game on PC primarily, and I game on PS4 for exclusives.