PSN Store Sale for the Week Is the "PlayStation Picks Sale," Check Out the Full List

It’s Tuesday, and that means, there’s another PSN Store sale from Sony! This week’s sale is named the “PlayStation Picks Sale,” with a lot of choices to pick from.

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BoneMagnus62d ago

Dang - Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is only $9.99 with PS+; I got a few months ago for $14.99 - thinking it would never drop lower.

MEGANE61d ago

You Got me looking into it, is it good?

61d ago
BoneMagnus61d ago

I honestly haven’t started it on the PS4; I do have it on my Mac - and I’m about 10 hours in.

I like it - it’s point and click - so it’s a thinking game and not a finger dexterity game.

I’d recommend reading reviews to see if it’s something you’d like - and the price is right just to give it a try.