Top 10: Improvements for the Next God of War

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "A bit over a month ago, we finally got around to review God of War (2018) and were blown away as to how amazing the title was, so much so, we even scored it a 9.9 for its amazing acting, visuals and reimagining of the blood-thirsty Kratos into a more humble and level-headed figure than what he was once portrayed as. But as our standards suggest, there are no perfect games and every title can use some improvements for the next instalment which is what we will be looking at today as we take a look at what we would like to see enhanced and refined for the next God of War entry."

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Dragonscale127d ago

Tough call but they should have more enemy types and maybe some different weapons to play with. The next one will probably be on PS5 so the graphics will be even better. Wonder what will happen with Atreus as well, he will obviously be older, maybe co-op could be introduced. Apart from that though more of the same please.

ShockUltraslash127d ago

What about adding jumping and the ability to pull out the camera.

127d ago
sammarshall102126d ago

More boss battles like The Stranger please that is single handedly the best battle I've ever had in a video game

obidanshinobi126d ago

More enemy variety
More weapon choices
More combos
Less bloated middle section with no mcguffins
Ability to zoom out the camera
Better boss fights, not just re-skinned trolls and ancients
Ability to jump
Get rid of colour coded ledges, I'm not a child that needs to be told where to go all the time
Less chests dotted about everywhere
Get rid of the upgrade and levelling system, well designed single player narrative driven games don't need them