Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is now available for free to everyone until September 18th

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield fans, here is something really special for you. Electronic Arts and DICE are giving away the Premium Pass for Battlefield 1 for free. From now and until September 18th, you can acquire your free copy and keep this Premium Pass yours forever, on all platforms."

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thepatientgamer808d ago

thank you sir, downloaded the premium pass first then bought the base game for $6. saved $3 over the battlefield revolution pack, which is $9


Stanjara808d ago (Edited 808d ago )

I'm gonna do the same. I have to my nephew is killing me with tis crap.

LordoftheCritics808d ago

Tired of world war, playing Battlefront 2 now, pretty great.

3-4-5808d ago

I'll definitely download this as BF5 isn't doing it for me, and I haven't played any maps on the last 2 map packs so those will still be new to me.

I'm probably skipping least the first few months until they fix it up.

Concertoine808d ago

Didnt see that on the Xbox store

ApexWolf22808d ago

Sadly, I got mine on release w/ SP, but I did finally learn my lesson lol. they've systematically given away the DLC for the last 3 entries, granted well after release but by then you'll see a complete game...

IamTylerDurden1808d ago

Beautiful. I own BF1 physical, but no DLC.

franwex808d ago

I bought bf4 for $5 and got the same thing, I may just do the same for bf1. That $1 extra from 4 years ago should help w/ something :P
Not a big fan of WWI or WW2 settings but I bite for the right price.
Will do the same thing for BFWW2.

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