Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a beautiful tech showcase

From Digital Foundry: "Spanning more than two decades and produced by a succession of talented developers, the Tomb Raider series almost serves as a barometer of progress in the space of 3D gaming. From its initial outings during the 90s, through its issues early in the PS2 generation right up to its most recent resurrection, the series has evolved and changed to meet the needs of each new era. Shadow of the Tomb Raider continues this tradition, presenting not just an evolution in technology - but subtle a shift in gameplay focus too for the rebooted series."

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ProjectVulcan35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

1080p 60FPS modes X1X delivers more consistent performance than PS4 Pro, but it still has some dips.

High res modes;

PS4 Pro is 1872p
Xbox One X is 2016p

BUT PS4 Pro holds the 30FPS cap better at this selected mode and X1X has more tearing and judder. That is very interesting. The gap on this particular game is quite small.

Darkwatchman35d ago

One important distinction. The pro reaches that resolution through checkerboard rendering. The Xbox One X reaches 2016p natively.

DrumBeat35d ago

That's a very good point to make, and may explain why the X is slightly worse in 30fps mode.

TheProblem34d ago

Nowhere does it say the pro is checkerboard in the article. Are you just making stuff up?

Ninja_Ryu35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

"1080p 60FPS modes X1X delivers more consistent performance than PS4 Pro, but it still has some dips."

That's the reason I go with the PC version for third party games.

Ninja_Ryu35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

And why is the One X struggling in 4K 30fps in the flood scene and the Pro not at 19:50???

Darkwatchman34d ago

@theproblem, if you watched the video itself, which typically goes into more depth than the written articles, he says that it uses checkerboard rendering and notes that the artifacting is especially noticeable during hard camera cuts.

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Stanjara35d ago

Sure, there are going to be some optimisation
patches after release.

The_Sage35d ago

Am I crazy or does Uncharted 4 look better?.. It looks really realy good, but I thought Uncharted looked better. Maybe I'm miss remembering.

spicelicka35d ago

I think shot by shot Uncharted looks better, but you're not considering that this game can run at 60fps, which is a big advantage.

The_Sage35d ago

I'm a resolution over frames per second guy myself. I'm one of those weirdos that thinks moving the fps above 30 gives everything a cartoon look. In movies or tv it looks like a soap opera to me.

DrumBeat35d ago

Not many studios can beat Naughty Dog when it comes to visuals. Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy are two of the best looking games I've ever played. They may even be the best.

That said, I surely don't expect any third party titles (especially within the same gen) to look better than those two.

DrumBeat35d ago

In the end, Linneman gives the nod to the X. This is where I was going to buy it anyway, so I'm happy about this.

DivineAssault 35d ago

Its decent. Nothing too crazy

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