PS Vita Update 3.69 Brings Firmware Boost, But Could Be H-Encore Patch

From PlayStation Universe: "There’s a new PS4 Vita update today. The firmware update for PlayStation Vita isn’t a big one, unsurprisingly, but it does deliver some extra stability."

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Fist4achin35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yes, I am still rocking mine! It might not be much love from Sony but at least she noticed me!

jznrpg35d ago

My WiFi connection seems a Lot better .


Every time I see a vita article I get sad. This thing had some promise, and Sony just completely let all of that promise die. Mine has been collecting dust for years. I was just holding out for that rumored bioshock game :(

TakeABreakGamers35d ago

They are business not a charity. Best you move onto Nintendo Switch and not comment on any Vita article.

nodim34d ago

Exactly, they've shown themselves extremely inept at business with vita. The fact that should always be commented on.