The Last Remnant Remastered for PS4 Announced for the West

After the announcement of The Last Remnant Remastered for the Japanese Market, Square Enix confirmed that it's coming west as well.

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thatguyhayat64d ago

Thank the heavens. I remember playing this everyday on xbox and 100% it

naruga64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

probably one of the last canonical Mega -JRPGs that is NOT FF , is NOT cheapy cel-shaded like Tales (or like the thousand JRPGs like Tales on PS consoles) and also was complete -finished game + story, without DLCs and other BS like that we found today ....and all of that , exclusive to X360! Wtf Square ? ...welcome back to its true appropriate home , i say.... this along 1-2 others big-budgeted JRPGS that were developped and stayed exclusive to X360 and the abysmal FF 13 were some of the causes that PS3 had stuck behind X360 in sales at the start .....

S2Killinit64d ago

Yes i think it should have been on Playstation naturally, but i disagree with your overall assessment of the state of Japanese games.

Relientk7764d ago

Wow the game we were supposed to get on PS3 in the West like 10 years ago, but it was never released. It's about time it comes to PlayStation

Movefasta199364d ago

I wish lost odyssey came to ps4, so that it could get the recognition it deserves as imo best jrpg of last gen. This game however is meh.

Scatpants64d ago

I second this. Lost Odyssey is the type of game you hardly ever see anymore. I feel like it's the sort of game Final Fantasy should be.

DarkZane64d ago

Unfortunately, MS owns the rights to it. Same for Infinite Undiscovery.

raWfodog64d ago

Definitely going to get this. I never played the original but it always gave me that Lost Odyssey vibe. And you can't beat that price.

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