Spider-Man PS4 Marriage Proposal Has A Twist In The Tale

From PlayStation Universe: "There’s a twist in the tale of what first appeared to be one of video games most romantic Easter Eggs. So, if you read the story below you’ll discover that the marriage proposal which was highlighted outside one of the Spider-Man PS4 theaters turned sour after the guy who requested it from Insomniac Games told the world his girlfriend had left him."

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CarlDechance37d ago

lol....there is always another side to any story. Glad she got hers out there.

Prettygoodgamer37d ago

The only problem now is finding out the middle part were the actual truth is.

Seraphim36d ago

I read this the other day and thought it sounds like there's more to it. idk if this article mentions it but he said she left her a few weeks ago and is dating his brother. but somewhere in between, in the middle is the truth as there's always more to a story than one side. Unless it's filmed and documented as evidence/proof of course Lol

GameBoyColor37d ago

Man this is juicy. Im leaning towards the guys side of the story being more "truthful". Hopefully there is a followup lol

UltraNova36d ago

Wait, the guy wanted to propose since May and got his wish granted by Insomniac. Now they are not together, and she's off with his brother!! What transpired since is laughingly irrelevant because SHE'S WITH HIS BROTHER NOW something she admitted to!

Damn you cant trust anyone these days...

Sunny_D36d ago

She told him to shape up in July. So that mean ma they broke up less than 2 months ago. So this brother checks up on her after they break up and they got “close over time.” Except over time has to mean less than 2 months. So, she was able to get over a 5 year relationship in a matter of weeks like that, huh?

I don’t buy it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

TekoIie36d ago

As always with drama like this the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Overall though can't say I'm especially interested in keeping track of this. Think we're having a slow news day lol.

UltraNova36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The truth is you dont break up and start dating your spouse's kin just like that. We are living in a rapidly progressive society, granted but man NOT that progressive! She and the guy's brother must have been "messing around" long long before that.

Rachel_Alucard36d ago

He told his half brother to check in on her after the breakup so while she wasn't cheating she still went with his brother like he had said.

The7Reaper36d ago

2 sides of the story now and I guarantee both are peppered with some bullshit.

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