Tomb Raider History - Celebrating 20 Years of Lara Croft

From PlayStation Universe: "One of the most readily identifiable icons in the games industry, Lara Croft has been enthralling PlayStation gamers since 1996 with her Indiana Jones style escapades, quick wit and fearsome gunplay (though, let’s not talk about the those two movies eh?)."

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FallenAngel198439d ago

The series turns 22 this year 😑

Imalwaysright39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

TR2 was the 1st CD I inserted on my PS1 and it is still one of the most impressive games I experienced because it was the 1st fully realized 3D game I played coming from the Mega Drive and its 2D sprites and levels. Great IP that is without any doubt one of the pillars of 3D gaming and the action adventure genre.

Fist4achin39d ago

That pic with all of the different iterations of Lara Croft is cool!