Final Fantasy is 30, so let's rank the 10 best games in the series

From VG247: "Thirty years provides an awful lot of history to mine and a truly ridiculous number of games. Since the original Final Fantasy made its debut in Japan on December 18, 1987 the series has seen fifteen main numbered titles, three films, and a ridiculous number of spin-off games including a few discrete series’ including Crystal Chronicles, Tactics, Chocobo’s Dungeon and franchises built around specific entries or characters."

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Fist4achin126d ago

I would have placed VIII around 10. I didnt care for it. I liked X a lot and woukd have had it in the top 3.

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paintedgamer1984126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


SuperSonic91126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

The best Final Fantasy are FF6 and FF7- both produced by H Sakaguchi.

paintedgamer1984126d ago

Agreed, 6 was my fav until i played 7... 8 9 and X were the last great-decent ff games imo... after that it just wasnt the same

SuperSonic91126d ago

6 is so charming!
I also saw a cite sprite Squall giggling during loading time on PS1.
I was like "What are you doing here?" Time travellin'?
6 is last main numbered high fantasy FF.
Good times! It needs a good remake.
Shadow is my fave.

paintedgamer1984126d ago

7th saga and legend of gaia were the 1st rpgs i played wayy back in the day and then i played 6 and shortly after i got my ps1 i got into 7... for the time like 96 or 97 there had never been a game to capture me like 7 did so prob nostalgia lol

TomatoDragon126d ago

Honesty, the most fun and hours I’ve put into a FF game would have to be 14.

F0XHOUND126d ago

FFXIV is great, but it cant compare to the offline games. Its an illusion due to the nature of it being never ending essentially. but its story isn't close to the top games in the franchise. But for the content, it blows them all away, total no contest. The raids are some of the best in gaming, easy/savage and ultimate along with the primal trials are so much fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.