The Last Remnant Remastered Announced For PS4 With New Elements And New Engine

Square Enix announced that their 2008 RPG The Last Remnant is coming back with The Last Remnant Remastered as a digital title on PlayStation 4 this December in Japan.

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PhoenixUp134d ago

What I’d give for Square Enix to announce a Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core remaster

naruga133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

at last !! what took them so long to bring it on PS ???....a top notch JrPG developed and stayed only for X360 just for idiotic reasons ....welcome back i ll say as PS3 was its appropriate home

Godmars290133d ago

Will it come to the West is the thing.

darthv72133d ago

It's not a bad game on 360.

FinalFantasyFanatic133d ago

I bought it on Steam earlier in the year, I now regret my decision since a remaster was the last thing I expected from this series.

babadivad133d ago

This game was absolute trash. I was hyped when it was announced originally, only for it to launch as an incomplete mess of a game.

The shops had weapons for your support characters, but you couldn't equip them. Apparently, they were gonna let you manually gear your crew, but they scrapped the feature(time constraints)?? But they neglected to remove the items from the game.

I was pissed when I wasted money on armor and equipment that I couldn't even use. Who thought it was a good idea to resurrect this turd?

JunMei133d ago

What are you talking about? It was on PC for years and year and years. They only just took it off the steam store last week so they could resell it again. lol

PC is really thee real home of Square-Enix RPGs since the most officially released games are available on that platform. Food for thought. Don't let consoles barriers determine what you play. If something is a good game, you should have a go at it.

that said.... Last Remnant is only an okay game. Maybe they'll make improvements to the PS4 version to make it better, though. The pacing just always felt a little bit off to me, and it also felt a bit grindy and repetitive at times, too.

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JaXion5133d ago

Calling it now, they're remaking it as DLC for the FF7 remake.

ZeroX9876133d ago

last remnant has been on famitsu magazine most wanted PS3 games for a LONG time. I guess lots of japanese gamers just doesn't want to deal with microsoft, so they waited until it was available elsewhere.

Better late than never!

babadivad133d ago

If they played the game, it wouldn't be on their list.

Furesis133d ago

This is something that i have been waiting for as well. Since FF7 remake is coming in the future now would be the perfect time for it in my honest opinion or some time before the release of FF7 remake
I'm hoping they will do it. Fingers crossed!

wraith9999133d ago

just reading that name gave me the chills, perhaps the greatest game ive ever played bar none

IamTylerDurden1133d ago

Project Awaking, Last Remnant Remastered, and Project Judge. PS4 gettin even more goodies. This console is cementing its legacy.

JunMei133d ago

Hopefully ps5 onward will be backwards compatible again so that that legacy remains. I really don't like having to rebuy games a hundred times.

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Bhuahahaha134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

i hope they'll tweak the class change system

TheGamez100134d ago

With this and vesperia, we now only need the lost odyssey and infinite undiscovery remastered for all current gen platforms...

Sonyslave3134d ago

Lost oddyssey not going to happen

thatguyhayat133d ago

Yeaaah lost odyssey will never happen. If i remember correctly the creator hates the playstation

Harkins1721133d ago

Not anymore. But I'm pretty sure he gave the rights to MS

Concertoine133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Sakaguchi doesnt hate the playstation, he was no more critical of the PS3 than other japanese devs at the time.

Microsoft and Nintendo were just the companies that offered to fund his games.

BLizardXD133d ago

MS funned Mistwalker. and Microsoft already added lost odyssey and blue dragon to backwards compatibility a couple years back. my guess is MS is still holding on to these IPs.

DarXyde133d ago

Sakaguchi never really struck me as someone who hates Playstation. The only Japanese developer that comes to mind who hates playstation is Tomonobu Itagaki.

That man definitely does not like playstation.

JunMei133d ago

NAh. He doesn't hate playstation, it was just that he preferred Square-Enix development under Nintendo. I don't think he ever had any negative feelings towards Sony itself. In any case, the only reason it wouldn't happen is bwecause the game was published under Microsoft. So we just need Microsoft to release or sell the rights.

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FinalFantasyFanatic133d ago

I would like to add Lost Story to the list as well since I never played it.

FallenAngel1984133d ago

You’d have as good a chance of seeing The Last Story be remastered for all modern platforms as you with Lost Odyssey

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TheColbertinator133d ago

That explains the rush to sell the previous version on Steam.

sonicsidewinder133d ago

Those sneaky squeenie bastards!

JunMei133d ago

Right??!?! That's exactly what I as thinking! Those crafty bastards.

1-pwnsause-1133d ago

Finally came to a PlayStation platform lmaoooo toon square a while, I they they never announced its cancellation back in the ps3 days