Breath of the Wild dethrones Ocarina of Time in Japanese sales

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had sold almost ten million units worldwide. This technically made it the best-selling Zelda outing of all time - if you didn’t include remasters of existing releases.

As revealed by Media Create last week, Breath of the Wild has now surpassed another milestone. In Japan, it’s sold more than 1.25 million copies across the Switch and Wii U. This places it ahead of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - which has held the top spot as the best-selling 3D Zelda game since 1998. This now makes Link's latest modern outing the best-selling 3D Zelda title of all-time in Nintendo's homeland.

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ZeekQuattro133d ago

Very nice. I think the last Zelda that was well recieved in Japan was Minish Cap. Not bad Nintendo.

Moonman133d ago

The previous record holder was the legendary Ocarina Of Time from 1998. Wow, it caught up with a 20 year record. And Breath Of The Wild even made the Top 10 on last month's NPD. It even still shows up now and again in the UK chart Top 10. Link is bringing in the Rupees. ;p

paintedgamer1984133d ago

Congrats Nintendo. Def not my fav Zelda in the series but its understandable why its doing so well.

CrimsonWing69133d ago

Man, I love Ocarina way more than BotW... guess this’ll be the new direction for Zelda games

Eiyuuou133d ago

I suppose it's fine if they improve upon the flaws of the previous game.

CrimsonWing69133d ago

I just need more of a classic “themed” dungeon and weapon progression and a super epic final battle. They put the classic Zelda blueprint upon this new Zelda and it would be pretty incredible.

I just couldn’t get into this one because of how different it was from what I expected.

Neonridr133d ago

they are both fabulous games. Nothing wrong with enjoying a classic like OoT more though. Personally my favorite is a Link to the Past on SNES.

Geobros133d ago

Well done Nintendo!! Btw, it is not fair to compare a game which released in 2 console with a game released on one console.

wonderfulmonkeyman133d ago

Let's be honest; 99% of its sales came from the Switch, and that's where people look to when discussing it nowadays.
Outside of the modding community, the Wii U version isn't that relevant.

Geobros133d ago

The Wii U sales were about 160,000 copies, it is not a really big number but it is important I think. The Switch version has about 8,000 copies every week, so according to number it will need about 20 more weeks to surpass the N64 game.

In any way, it is a really big success and I am a big fan of the last Zelda game.

Concertoine133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Its also being compared to Twilight Princess, which is now the 3rd bestselling Zelda in Japan.

Gemmol133d ago

Zelda in the top 10 in Japan even after being a year old, Wii U only sold close to 200k, they can reach the numbers by itself without adding Wii U numbers

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