Final Fantasy Deserves To Be On Nintendo Consoles Again

The series moved to 3D and said that the N64 cartridges didn’t have the space required to have their games on. Since then, the series favored Sony consoles but would make its way onto Microsoft eventually. The main series would only be on Nintendo consoles because of spin-offs and remakes.

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TheGamez100128d ago

Id like to see a sequel to crystal bearers, sure it wasnt great but they could make it into a proper rpg instead of just an adventure game. Also want to see it continue with that ending...

naruga127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

FF series jumped ships and literally saved itself ...imagine FF 7 on N64 ...would be an abomination ......Nintendo is just too buthurt because FF 7 is almost synonym with Playstation , to the point they boldly stole Cloud for their overrated game Smash bros

Nebaku127d ago

Stop being dramatic, FF7 would have been just fine on the n64. The game was literally started as a Snes title in fact. While I have a place in my heart for FF7's unique visuals like everyone else, the graphics were the last thing that made the game what it was. Story, music, and the battle system, all things the N64 could handle, were.

Uken12127d ago

Too bad the best Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy 6. Everyone can do magic. Around 30-40 Espers, custom movesets for each of the 20 characters. All very deep and interesting.

Crappy Final Fantasies are synonymous with Playstation. The fall of Squaresoft is synonymous with Playstation.

Btw Nintendo didn't steal Cloud. Square wanted Cloud in the game. Nintendo has been wanting Genos. From one of the greatest RPG's of all time codeveloped by Nintendo and Squaresoft. Also Chrono Trigger was on SNES.
So before you go all Sony Fanboy, maybe do some research. SNES is known as the king of the JRPG's.

Also to say that N64 couldn't handle FF7 is stupid. Zelda 64 was much more of a game. Cutscenes don't make a game. FF7 had many great things about it, graphics wasn't one of them. Also the system is extremely dumbed down compared to it's predecessors.

naruga127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

@Uken you can cry as much as you want ...but FF 7 is kilometers away and better than any FF ...i know your kind well ....., the butthurt, wannabe-critic gamer that always declares as the best FF, FF 6 just to oppose the millions that reckonised its unanimously top notch quality and its "gold-cut" nature that couldnt be repeated by any JRPG yet......say whatever you want but FF7 cant be touched and you know it end of story....

Razmiran127d ago

While I agree that FF7 was only possible on playstation due to storage space, what the hell are you on about "Boldly stealing cloud"? Community requested him, so it happened.

127d ago
King_Noctis126d ago

“the point they boldly stole Cloud for their overrated game Smash bros” make other Sony fans look bad.

AirJohnston126d ago

You’re weird man. Why in the world do you have so much animosity towards Nintendo? Is it impossible to like more than just one company?

And saying Smash Bros is overrated or that they “stole” Cloud is ridiculous. I’ve had every PlayStation console since the beginning and I have no problem saying there’s a reason PSABR couldn’t get characters like Cloud or Snake while Nintendo could for Smash

Michiel1989126d ago

little tip, you can say 'i think ff x/y/z is best' helps a lot to not look like an idiot.

@Uken, the fall of squaresoft is that they couldnt finish a project in a reasonable time with several of their games. Has nothing to do with sony.

@naruga Oh the irony of your comment. Just read it yourself when you sobered up and at least youll have a good laugh about it. No one can have a monopoly that a certain ff is the best, because its subjective. Are you gonna say next that your favorite color is the best color as well? If you reply on a site like this you should leave room open in your comments for discussion, which you dont. You just say what your opinion is and try and pass it off as if its the proven truth. Even if a certain ff is the most popular that doesnt mean its the best.

I myself dont really like ff7 that much, its a good game, wont deny that ,but its not among my top 3 ff games. and nothing you say will change that fact.

Michiel1989126d ago

@nebaku would have been fine on n64, how? with the space on n64 cartridges thats a bold statement. You would have to use 20+ cartridges if you want it on there.

bradleejones126d ago

Its developent started before Nintendo dropped their partnership with Sony. They could not fit the game on to a cartridge (at a reasonable price mind you). Square really didn't have much of a choice.

Frinker126d ago

why are you always negative

SuperSonic91126d ago

AAA FF will not happeN ON Switch it will cannibalize Mario and Zelda sales.

ChickeyCantor126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

"Hey I want a sequel to Crystal Bearers"


For reals bro?

As for CC:CB absolutely agree. The story was actually pretty fucking good.

>.but FF 7 is kilometers away and better than any FF

Meh, I enjoyed FF4 and FF9 far more than I did FF7. FF7 is a game that just had impact on the whole jrpg genre because no did that before. But people like you are just lamenting over the nostalgia. It's obnoxious really. I even hear people say FF6 is up there with the good ones.

Sirk7x126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I have the unpopular opinion of thinking that FF7 would have been a better game in 2D than 3D. It was too new at the time. People fondly remember the story of the game and the graphics (of that age), but looking back, FF7 was a broken mess. The battle system was so easily manipulated, and the world itself so cobbled together (their first 3D RPG) that you could break the game completely by accident. Not that I haven't completed it ten times lol.

Nintentional126d ago

“To the point they boldly stole Cloud for their overrated game Smash bros.”
Who’s butthurt?? 😂

G3ng4r126d ago

Eh. Have you seen ff lately? Not interested.
It's good enough for me that smash has cloud so whiny little cultists like naruga can weep about how sorry their dead on the ice ps allstars franchise is. Without that we wouldn't see this insolent tot crying so much today.

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Razmiran127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Crystal bearers was a weird game. The gameplay was meh, but I really loved the world and the characters were alright.
Also the music was awesome

PhoenixUp128d ago

The spinoffs maybe, but mainline Final Fantasy games have way too high production values to be released on Nintendo consoles

OmnislashVer36128d ago

Let's be honest, the original trailer looked like it pushed the limits of PS4 in some respects. If it's moved to PS5 and pushes the limit there, it's essentially and extremely counterproductive to get it working on Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman127d ago

Nah, mainline ff games don't have to be realistic sweat simulators every time just to be great titles; they could easily make a really good mainline title with an engine and graphical style that would fit perfectly into the Switch.

Teflon02127d ago

They don't have to, but they will always. Also even if they decide not to now. FFXV is demanding. They're not going to downgrade now for nintendo's sake unless they do something like pocket editions lol. Nintendo would have definitely had FF from FFXIII onwards if they kept up with PS/Xbox.

Razmiran127d ago

As much as id love numbered FF to go in a more "Creative" less "Cinematic triple A" direction, it probably wont happen

Sirk7x126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I think FFXV's focus on graphics (I mean, we could have a whole discussion why the game was a mess) really took away from things like, you know, gameplay, the existence of a story, character design, character development, having a world that wasn't mostly blocked off...
FFXV sucked so hard. Capcom learned their lesson I think. For years, they focused only on what sold big to western audiences and it almost completely ruined them. Now that they seem to be doing right by their own franchises, their games are selling better than ever and fans are coming back. I hope Square learns the same thing from the last few Final Fantasy games.

PhoenixUp127d ago

@ wonder

Square has been putting high production values in the mainline titles since FFVII and it’s doubtful they’d ever stop that tradition.

They’re already having issues putting FFXV on NS, and FFXVI will have even higher production value.

The most you can hope for is their other games that aren’t as technologically demanding.

firelogic127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Not so sure about that. XVI is going to be using what they've already created with XV. They're going to milk everything they can out of that engine and assets they've created. I hope I'm wrong but I'd bet that XVI looks exactly like XV with different characters. It may even take place in the same place.

That said, if they get XV running on the Switch, XVI shouldn't be a problem.

mezati99127d ago


the only version of FFXV the switch can handle is the pocket edition lmao

Michiel1989126d ago

@firelogic, im pretty sure it wont. Engines get modified (greatly) for newer games. Look at Titanfall for example, using a 10+ year old engine(source) and it still looked great on release. THey also created the luminous engine (or w/e its called) with future in mind so i doubt theyll just copy paste the engine.

PhoenixUp126d ago

FFXVI is going to come next gen. Idk if Square Enix are going to want to use the Luminous Engine with that game especially since they’ve found it more practical to use Unreal Engine 4 with DQXI, KH3 & FFVIIR. So FFXVI will most definitely use different tech than FFXV like they’ve done everytime they begin a new generation.

You’ve got to be out of your mind if you think FFXVI would take place in FFXV’s setting. Every since FFVI every successive Final Fantasy has had a drastically different setting than the one that came before.

They did not get FFXV running on NS. That’s the low grade mobile edition upscaled for consoles. Are you really touting that as something to brag about?

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FallenAngel1984128d ago

“Certain games really depend on licensing and issues with Sony”

What licensing issues does Sony have with any of these games? Square Enix could port any game in the series to any platform they want, except probably FFVII: Crisis Core because of that issue with Gackt.

wonderfulmonkeyman127d ago

I'd love to see that happen again, but I'm torn because I'm also very heavily in favor of them continuing the Bravely series on Switch.
If they can do both then go for it, I say, but given the choice of which I'd rather see first, i think I'd pick Bravely Third.

Uken12127d ago

I want to see a FF6 remake. Keep it the same, with more stuff added (Maybe General LEO!). Use the Orchestrated Music and have great graphics with turn based FF6 style gameplay. Just make it anime looking or something. But I think I'd rather see it on a more powerful system.

sonicsidewinder126d ago

"Keep it the same, with more stuff added."


indysurfn126d ago

If it looks as good as DOOM on SWITCH I'm happy with those graphics. It is worth the tradeoff to play this during lunch without worrying about getting at the perfect quiting spot.

Uken12126d ago

What I mean is keep the story the same right. But flesh it out some more and maybe add some other side stories or flesh out what they had more. Like make the famous General Leo myth true and have him as an unlock able character. They could add some new gear and enemies. They could do more with Shadows dreams.

Add the Orchestrated music? New Sound effects? Bonus endings. Art Gallery, Online Co-Op maybe? You can add things to a game without actually changing the core game and story.

FinalFantasyFanatic126d ago

I don't really care much for the Final Fantasy series anymore, but I do want to see Bravely continue, it's almost everything I want in a JRPG.

WitcheRivia127d ago

I don't see why they're not. It's not like they're any good these days.

Godmars290126d ago

Nintendo systems being 1-2 gens behind MS and Sony.

Benjaminkno126d ago

I think he’s talking about square games not being that good.

The newer games look pretty good on switch. I don’t even notice a difference

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