PS4 vs PS3 in Japan – VGChartz Gap Charts – July 2018 Update

July 2018 is the 54th month of the PlayStation 4 being on sale in Japan. The gap grew in favor of the PlayStation 3 by 12,050 units in the last month and in favor of the PlayStation 4 by 396,795 units in the last 12 months. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by just 307,384 units.

The PlayStation 3 launched in November 2006, while the PlayStation 4 launched in February 2014. The PlayStation 4 has sold 6.90 million units, while its predecessor the PlayStation 3 sold 6.59 million units.

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FallenAngel198437d ago

You’d think with DQXI out that the PS4 would be even further ahead of PS3 in the same timeframe

S2Killinit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Its a small country. Both the PS3 and PS4 pumped out quality games to the very end of the generation (im assuming PS4 will continue its trend) and even beyond it, so its not suprising.

FallenAngel198436d ago

Japan being a small country didn’t stop PS1 and PS2 from selling over 20 million over there.

Just goes to show that the best a stationary console can hope to sell in today’s Japanese marketplace is 10.5-12 million.

PhoenixUp37d ago

Although PS4 is ahead of PS3, Vita is drastically behind PSP.

This may be the first gen where PlayStation hardware in total hasn’t sold over to 20 million.(21.59M 5th gen, 25.42M 6th gen, 30.48M 7th gen, and 13.78M so far 8th gen)