5 Cyberpunk Games CD Projekt RED Probably Used as Homework

Cyberpunk 2077 has continued gaming’s love affair with the cyberpunk aesthetic, with the medium’s infatuation with the style stretching all the way back to 1988’s Snatcher. Several games, however, appear to rival the upcoming title’s mastery of its source material, ranging from first-person shooters to seminal action RPGs.

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alexgibson127d ago

While I didn't love the Observer's performance (bugs ruined my review), that game completely nails the Cyberpunk aesthetic.

deathtok126d ago

This list while full of good games is all new. I’m going older with my list:

-Blade Runner, classic point & click, nails the aesthetics, multiple endings.

-Deus Ex, the de facto FPS with a cyberpunk theme.

-Snatcher, a Kojima game that touches on noir and cyberpunk from the early 90s.