Spider-Man vs. Infamous Second Son: Which PS4 Superhero Exclusive Is Better?

Twinfinite Writes: The PS4 now has two top-notch superhero exclusives with Infamous: Second Son and Marvel's Spider-Man. But which one captures the hero spirit better? Let's find out.

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Neonridr131d ago

lots to like about both games.

naruga130d ago

i dont like any of them ...but because i generally dislike super-hero culture ...i ll go with Infamous

Neonridr130d ago

That was one of my first PS4 games (I never owned a prior system). Loved having those different powers and exploring the city. Haven't had a chance to boot up Spider-Man yet, but it's on my to-do list :P

JEECE130d ago

Despite the title of the article, Delsin isn't really considered a "superhero" in Infamous:SS. Yes, he has extraordinary abilities in a world in which most people don't, but that is true of the protagonist of a significant number of video games which we wouldn't classify as "superhero" games.

indysurfn130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I was surprised that the graphics went to the older game second son. But it may be just preference. On the brighter side if Spiderman has better story than second son then that is saying something.

Why are sooooo many good games coming out so close to each other Im at 32 hours in dragon quest xi and have not scratched the surface......SLOW DOWN SONY! :)

Foxhound922130d ago

Surprise, Naruga doesn't like both.

As that to the never ending list of games you don't like lol

I haven't played Spiderman yet but I'll be picking it up soon. inFamous SS was amazing, especially for a launch game.

KwietStorm130d ago

You don't like anything that isn't Japanese and doesn't have the script and sensational overly-dramatic characters of an anime series, pre-dub, so you really didn't even have to chime in.

IamTylerDurden1130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Both great games, but i'm not shocked that Spider-man won. Second Son was a technical marvel in 2014 but Spider-man has better graphics, though it's close.

Both have gorgeously detailed cities that wonderfully depict Seattle/NY. It's difficult to choose what city is more detailed, but the tiebreaker imo is the sheer volume of people and cars in Spider-man. NY is just a bit more lively and full.

Both games have adequate stories, but the narrative in Spider-man is a bit more impressive.

Combat is fantastic in Spider-man, it surpasses the Arkham formula by adding incredible movement and verticality. Dodging is a dream, and jumping off walls, webbing, and gadgets are superbly handled. However, Second Son has the best combat i have ever seen in an open world game of its ilk.

SixFragz130d ago

Spider-Man is so good that it has you sore, doesn't it?

I wonder why...

darthv72130d ago

I dont have spiderman yet but I do love infamous so while I would have to go with what I know... I know I will enjoy spiderman so I'm going with that. :D

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Christopher130d ago

I like Spider-Man for what it is, but I prefer inFamous because it's not a known factor and you learn multiple abilities/styles.

Thatguy-310131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I would have chosen Infamous but the world just seems so empty on second son. I want Sucker Punch to go back to that franchise again.

Hardiman131d ago

That was my main complaint about SS! The world while beautiful felt so empty.

jznrpg130d ago

Being a launch game it did lack that final polish but it was still a good game .

Noclos130d ago

I think SP choose to have top notch graphics over live city in SS. However, the real problem of SS was the story but everything else was so amazing, the HDR, 4k with fast pace abilities and high speed neon woth amazing dust wrap. But still decent game to consider.

bloop130d ago

Spider-Man, without a doubt for me. I enjoyed SS but it felt so empty and neither the characters or story grabbed me. Having an absolute blast with Spider-Man. The visuals, combat and traversal are amazing. I can't comment on story yet as I'm not that far into it, but gameplay alone it's definitely the better game, which is expected considering they're 4 years apart.

-Foxtrot130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Second Son was a step back in my opinion

They improved on graphics, animation and the like but everything else felt dumrd down

I want Cole to come back and them to go off Evil ending...reveal Delsin as the real Beast

Neonridr130d ago

I never had a chance to play the earlier entries, so this was my only experience with the Infamous world. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I will take your word on it being the poorest of the series.

madforaday130d ago

Everything about Second Son was better besides the story and main character which are two BIG parts for these kind of games. I just feel since Delsin wasn't a character that was going to get multiple games, his progression lacked compared to Cole.

himdeel130d ago

Ooh I'd cosign that for sure!

I_am_Batman130d ago

The problem was that it felt a little rushed in some aspects. It had the best movement and traversal though imo. Infamous 1 and 2 had the better story though and 2 has the best soundtrack by far. They are all great games overall.

DrumBeat130d ago

Exactly. Infamous 2 beats them all, imo. Manipulating objects and throwing cars. Grinding on the wires and flying off was so satisfying. Cole takes a steaming dump on Spider-Man, but then again, I HATE Spider-Man. Not the game, but the character as a whole. His dialogue is extremely annoying in the game from what I've seen. He's a smart-alecky kid in a suit, and everything he says makes me want to punch his face. Cole is a lot more likeable to me.

UltraNova130d ago

Good idea for an IP send off, pit Cole and Delsin against each other in an epic conclusion. We need this!!!

DarXyde130d ago


I encourage you to form your own opinion.

Infamous 2 was not personal favorite, but you might be surprised.

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firelogic130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

One of the perils of being a launch game imo. People really shouldn't wish for their favourite devs to make games for a new platform at launch from their favourite franchises. It's better if they just do a remaster or something else to get their feet wet before diving into a full fledged title. If Second Son came out a few years into the PS4's life, it would have been a better game.

Anyway, it's not really a worthy comparison. Spider-man wins by a longshot. Even by virtue of it being a game in year 5 of the PS4 vs launch window.

I loved the first 2 infamous games but I really don't want Sucker Punch to go back. Even if they do another Cole game. I hope Ghost of Tsushima is great and they continue with that along with new IPs. I'd be fine if they farmed out Infamous to another studio though.

XabiDaChosenOne130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


MattKocher94130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Why is everyone saying it's a launch game, that game came out in March 2014 ps4 launched November 2013

DarXyde130d ago


Launch *Window*

ilikestuff130d ago

That last boss fight in second son was such a friggen banger. My only problem with the game is the story didn’t change enough between the good and evil story lines

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SCW1982131d ago

Spider-Man has the better combat the traversal is a matter of opinion, I think it’s better personally and easily the better story. Great games but Spider-Man feels like the best overall super hero game I have ever played. Topping even in my opinion Arkham City.


Is it just me or did Arkham city have a very weak open world?

ClayRules2012130d ago

Not just you. I thought Rocksteady created a beautiful Gotham, but it always annoyed me that there wasn’t any life going on in the city streets, aside from thugs hanging around. I remember seeing one of the CGI trailers for Arkham Knight showing a busy city, with cars and people living out their lives and hoped that was how the game would be, in terms of changing up the open world aspect in that regard, didn’t happen. Aside from that tho, loved the game.

KwietStorm130d ago

Well it's Gotham City, at night. Ain't exactly expecting to see kids playing in the streets or even adults out and enjoying themselves.

Noclos130d ago

Its not weak, its a mess, kinda reminds me of Batman and Robin the movie set.

DarXyde129d ago

You all do realize that Arkham City was a city outside of Gotham City proper, right? The reason why the streets were only filled with thugs was because it was a separate city made specifically to house criminals after the events of Arkham Asylum.
I'm fairly certain this was Rocksteady pulling a Konami with Silent Hill where the theme of the game was built around the hardware limitations.

Arkham Knight, however, did take place in Gotham proper. The lack of civilians in the streets in that game was also explained through the narrative.


Arkham knight fixed my issue with Arkham city's very small and content lacking open world. I just find it very interesting how so many people dont mention this about city. Especially reviewers

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Sm00thNinja131d ago

Spiderman. Infamous is great. Spiderman is on a different level IMO

rdgneoz3130d ago

The amount of detail they put into Spider-man is amazing. So many Easter eggs or characters that they did an amazing job hiding from people till release. The game just has so much history in it, and Insomniac did right by the Spider-man universe and it's fans.

alexgibson130d ago

Superhero games are all about traversal, and both those games nail that aspect. I'd have to say Spider-Man probably outdoes infamous, but to anybody that's enjoying Spider-Man and hasn't played Second Son, you should definitely go and do that.