Rumor: Wii version of Rock Band 2 bundle won't see release until early 2009

Hey Wii owners, if you had any Christmas parties planned around Rock Band 2, here's some harrowing news: the game/instrument bundle may not see release in 2008.

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jorgeanaya0003647d ago

Another delay?! What the hell?!
Why are they taking so long on this game? I mean, GH:WT for the Wii is coming out on Sunday. That is a really bad idea; people are going to flock over to Guitar Hero.

CyberSentinel3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

They make more money on DLC, and your system is gimped on options.

Captain_Sony3646d ago

LMAO cyber.. where have you been living? Wii version offers all features. Even DLC.. Maybe it would help to bend over and pull your head out before you go around talking about things you obviously know nothing about.. If there was a trophy for most clueless idiot, you'd be the one winning it today.

CyberSentinel3646d ago

I did not say, they didn't have any dlc, I said they were gimped on options.

Learn How To Comprehend Lemming.

Captain_Sony3646d ago

Learn to know what you are talking about before you open your mouth and show everyone you're stupid.. You werent talking about DLC at all you just happened to bring it up as the main point for why the delay.. BTW you must have again missed the part where RB2 for Wii isnt gimped in any way.. Yeah lets see what other excuses you can come up with...Maybe you're having such an issue because I am not speaking your language.. Baaa Baaaaa baa Ba BAAAAAAAAA...

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PS360WII3646d ago

Ah well GH sells the best on the Wii and it's has all the fun stuff Rock Band has plus you can make your own music. To bad EA guess you still want GH to have the big sales.

Captain_Sony3646d ago

Guitar hero is clearly the better choice. Rock Band is just going out of its way to cut its own sales.. How pathetic of a company can you be when your main goal is to screw yourself out of as much money as possible...

CyberSentinel3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Timed Exclusive deals and the absolute most DLC on Xbox live proves that.

Don't believe me?

Go To EA's forum and ask them yourself.

EA certainly didn't brag about ps3 and wii dlc at last years E3.
They sure did about M$.

Captain_Sony3646d ago

LMAO dude... just stop talking.. You do know that not only did RB for Wii not have DLC but it also came out just a few months back.. Yet here you are talking about how the Wii edition did before it ever even hit store shelves.. Just stop.. Go get a real clue what you are talking about then come back. Also not hard to see why 360 beat PS3.. At the time they did have 16 million consoles sold compared to Sony's 8.. Are you really trying to say that just as many PS3 owners should have bought the game as 360 owners even when the consoles dont exist? The more you speak the more you show how little you know. Please tell me more about how poorly the Wii version did before it was ever even launched..

CyberSentinel3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

"...You do know that not only did RB for Wii not have DLC but it also came out just a few months back.. Yet here you are talking about how the Wii edition did before it ever even hit store shelves.."

Show me where I said different? I never said Wii had dlc on day 1.
Please provide the link in which I said it did. I may not post everyday, but I visit this site daily. I download the podcast and enjoy it every monday. I listen to it at work on my zune all week long. If you think I am some misinformed child who's fist system was a xbox360, then you are seriously underestimating me.

@4.4: Take what I said anyway you want to. The facts are EA gave us RB2 before ps3 and wii owners. Why do you think that is? Why is it sony and nintendo won't release their dlc numbers? Ashamed much?

I know what you will say lemming "M$ paid for exclusivity!" even it that were the case, if there was a posssiblity of EA making more money on the ps3, they would not have delayed it for the Bluraystation. the truth is, EA knows they will make more money on 360 in dlc then ps3 and wii COMBINED and if they get some pocket change to keep you lemmings waiting, why should they care about you lemmings. Tell sony to do that.

Blind Lemmings, Tell Sony To Care.

Captain_Sony3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

"EA certainly didn't brag about ps3 and wii dlc at last years E3.
They sure did about M$. " I know its really hard to see where you talk about Wii DLC... I mean it was just in the previous post you made... You act like you know it all but you show with every post how little you comprehend.. I cant wait for your next post where you change your story yet again to try to justify your uninformed opinion..
BTW.. Wow.. you listen to a podcast every week.. Well forgive me..You must know every single thing about gaming going back almost 30 years being able to do that...That was just a stupid thing to claim. Next time you post think about what you are saying first..

Of course EA had nothing to say about the DLC for Wii at E3.. Rock Band wasnt even out yet for Wii for them to talk about.. Hard to brag about something that doesnt exist and if you knew it didnt exist why bring it up? Simple answer, you didnt know until I told you and now you want backtrack and change your story.. Just admit you wrong dude and stop making yourself look so stupid.. Notice how nobody is taking your side at all? I find it amusing though that you do not understand that your previous posts are here for people to see so when you change your story it just looks stupid..

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BrotherNick3646d ago

Haha, as a wii owner, I don't see myself getting rb. ever. Somehow GHIII can have online when RB couldn't, that's laziness. I'll be happy with GHWT. :P

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