But I'm a Girl Gamer

Girl gamers are notorious for their negative attitudes and their lack of sportsmanship. They love to cut down and crucify any other girl that might be giving them any competition. They call any girl around them "attention whores," and they like to question her knowledge of games.

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Cat3745d ago

This piece is pretty self-defeating.

The author bemoans women gamers belittling one another, all the while belittling women gamers...hmm.

VampHuntD3745d ago

It's what we like to call hypocrisy...or as I call it, stupidity. Take your pick.

GrieverSoul3745d ago

I know i might get some disagrees but, truth is... THEY TRY TO GET ATTENTION SO MUCH THAT ITS ANNOYING!

Every now or then a girl appears playing CoD4. I swear its true! They start talking trash in the lobby. Saying, ´´hey Im a girl and I pawned U´´ - to the last guy on the lobby. Its a 16 players match! She his 15 in the lobby rank and talks trash to the only guy who entered the game on the last second! Of course he is last!

The problem starts when 12 year old boys (why are they playing COD4 +18 years old beats me) start talking about sex and related stuff. In that moment, things go from bad to worse. Usually the game ends there.

Girls and boys are equal in video games in terms of skill and power.
Therefore, they shouldnt expect us boys to go easy on them.

If they win, they mock u saying they are girls.
If they lose, they mock u saying they are girls.


well, when they don't say anything they get a lot of trash talking from the guys. i have a few girls on my friends list and some of them do play cod4. as soon as the lobby starts if she is talking to us, someone else will start talking crap to her. if she scores low she then gets told to go back to the kitchen and all that crap.

as for what girl gamers say to other girl gamers....well women in general do that to each other anyway. i don't think it has anything to do with the gaming. eg; you walk into a club with a gorgeous looking girl, notice the men's reactions and then take a look at all the women as well.

[email protected]3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Where are they at all much less to categorize them in the manner the article depicts them. Maybe I'm not playing enough Pixel Junk Dishwasher, or maybe they're all doing their nails together in respawn purgatory, but I'm just not seeing them. Besides it's not nice to throw all girls into categories or stereotypes. I know I never would. Never Ever. Nope nuh uh.

I thought I met a girl online once. That is until I got the most disturbing Burnout Paradise smugshot I've ever seen in my life.

TerrorJ3745d ago

LOL, that's funny. I can just imagine your expression. Trust me there are female gamers out there. I'm one and I have a few females on my friends list. Not many but they are there.

Cat3744d ago

Open your eyes my friend, the person whose comment you're replying to?
<--girl gamer.

thebudgetgamer3744d ago

but you got to have skills thogh no buns allowed


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jaffa_cake3745d ago

Yea course you are love.
You spend all your free time gaming then where talk.

name3745d ago

Actually the girl gamers I've played with are usually polite and use teamwork/communicate well. The male gamers are usually the a-holes.

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The story is too old to be commented.