Your friendly, neighbourhood ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ soars into the No.1 spot

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ swings in to No1 to become not only the fastest selling Spider-Man game ever, but also the fastest selling Marvel title (beating previous best Lego Marvel Super Heroes by a big margin).  Published by Sony for PS4, it is the biggest debut on an individual format since the PS4 version of ‘Call of Duty: WWII’.

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Phoenix7694d ago (Edited 94d ago )

No real surprises there. But well done 😁

Matrix694d ago

Congrats to Insomniac Games!
Looking forward to the 1st week world wide sales figures!

CrimsonWing6994d ago

I couldn’t put it down this weekend. Excellent game!

UltraNova94d ago

Same here, I must have put down 15 hrs and I've only done 5-7 story missions. Its super addictive. I swear I get distracted on my way to the story waypoints for at least an hour before I decide to start a new mission. Damn fine game...

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zivtheawesome94d ago

fastest selling game of the year so far WOW! even surpassing Far Cry 5 and almost double that of GoW launch week this is HUGE! i expect Sony to come out with a statement in a few days that game is selling significantly faster than GoW world wide, and maybe even surpass 10 million before the end of the year!

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The story is too old to be commented.