Level-5 announces TGS 2018 lineup

Level-5 will attend Tokyo Game Show for the first time in six years this year. The company has opened its official Tokyo Game Show 2018 website and announced its lineup of exhibiting titles.

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DarXyde281d ago

Not a good year for Level-5, if you ask me. Would rather see a Dark Cloud 3.

TekoIie281d ago

Yokai Watch 4 is big money for them.

DarXyde281d ago

I'm sure it is.

Hence, "if you ask me". Nothing of interest for me.

FuckN4G_TrashSite281d ago

That Sony not Level-5.
Level-5 doesn't own Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy or any Sony published Level-5 game like those.

MWH281d ago

still no Dark Cloud.

Segata280d ago

Unless Sony asks them to it won't happen. Level-5 also announced every game they make from now on will be on Switch as well. So no Dark Cloud until Sony revives it.

MWH280d ago

I hope they do, it is a great series.

Nerdmaster281d ago

I loved Fantasy Life, so I decided to try the new Fantasy Life Online in my japanese account. However, I just couldn't think it's fun, because of the free-to-play pitfalls... Pity. Here's hoping for a true sequel.

TheColbertinator281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Not much interests me from Level 5 at TGS.