Editorial: We're All Fanboys

Kombo writes: "In the world of gaming few words are as reviled as "fanboy." When you think of this label, your mind immediately goes to vitriol-spewing message board hacks, whose entire well-being seems to be wrapped up in telling everyone else how wrong they are about their opinions, and how only the console this individual happens to own is worth the time of day. Indeed, these are true fanboys, the archetypes of hatred, but they're just the beginning. You see, every single one of us, from these crazed nut jobs, to your most favorite and "impartial" games journalist, is a fanboy."

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bgrundman3701d ago

No need to hate, Xbots need love too.. :(

Zerodin3701d ago

Hey lord azn-dork, you should sue for them using that pic of you without your permission.

Jamie Foxx3701d ago

wonder how many times we are gonna see that copy and pasted...

Will_Smith3701d ago

ZoMG WroNg TeHH XBaX TreeiXty Iz tEh PawNerz

Peter Griffin3700d ago

im a fanman

the evolved fanboy

SL1M DADDY3700d ago

A fanboy of games. Play games people, not consoles.

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Breakfast3701d ago

...Its not my fault,

xbox is the best


Covenant3700d ago

No sir, I must wholeheartedly disagree...we all know the 3DO is the best. :)

bgrundman3700d ago

You could not be more right with the 3DO. It was far too much ahead of it's time... :( LOL

Isaac3700d ago

You are talking about the same console, the Xbox 3D0


RKRigney3700d ago

I'm not... I like all 3 current consoles. And a lot of people just don't care. Like my grandma. She's an Oprah fanboy, though.

aubradley3700d ago

Hehe, a discussion of Oprah fanboyism really would have rounded things out. As it stands though, I'm a bit partial to the PS3 myself even though I own all the consoles and handhelds. Sony just has some strange voodoo power over me I guess.

bgrundman3700d ago

There is something good that can be said about all of them. Every program you play on a console, was developed under Microsoft... In Windows. Never forget that, because either way Bill Gates wins!

Covenant3700d ago

Don't the world of Futurama, Oprahism is a mainstream religion...

eagles19903700d ago

I am a Sony Fanboy.....

Wow that felt wierd to say

bgrundman3700d ago

Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery

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The story is too old to be commented.