Gears of War and Nerdcore are throwing a Halloween party and everyone's invited

Friday, Oct. 31 - that's Halloween night for the uneducated - Golden Apple Comics is hosting IGN's Halloween Bash with special guests, Carlos Ferro, whose sexy voice you may know as "Dom" from the Gears of War series and the sexy, but not-as-sexy-as-Carlos, Nerdcore calendar gals. Open to the public and full of prizes.

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Sony Rep3651d ago

What's more gayer than a party with a whole bunch of dudes who play Gears of War.

Orgy party confirmed...

Lightning PS33651d ago

Yeah. I love these guys. Damn! I want some! :)

xbotpleasefixme3650d ago

yeah i'll stay home on the 31st and play with a bunch of gays who yell cliche nerd taunts like FAIL and PWN instead of going out... sounds like some good ole homosexual fun to me WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!!??