Tomb Raider studio reveals next-gen wishlist

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett release dates are creeping ever closer, but what do development studios want from the next-generation of consoles.

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blm5042115d ago

After the X I'm pump for what Scarlett can do

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Davidgr22115d ago

Xbox Scartlett won’t be close to PC as it’s already so ahead of Xbox One X. Being able to play all Xbox One exlusives on PC makes owning an Xbox a dumb idea.

2115d ago
blm5042115d ago

Never played a game on a PC in my life The X is where it's at for me it's my favorite console right now

conanlifts2115d ago

You will need a fairly new GPU to play Xbox Scarlett games on a pc. For those who do not want the expense it is a great option. I would switch to PC if they made every game cross play ( few of my friends own pc's) and allowed me to sell my games once finished with them.
As it is my 970 will not be upgraded for a few more years, not worth it for me at the moment.

iplay1up22114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Most people don't have Computers, that match Xbox One X power....of coarse there are some that do, but at what cost? Witcher 3 was best on the X1X after it got its patch, it had HDR, BEFORE the PC version, I don't even know it Witcher 3 has got the HDR patch yet.

Anyway, the X1X, plays many games VERY close to High End PC's...Scarlet will no doubt be more powerful than the X, which is already 40% more powerful than Pro. There very well should be next gen, enough power on both PS5 And Xbox 2, to graphically rival any PC game. Games already look really great, like Horizon 4, next gen, is not going to be a leap, that blows our minds, the graphical saturation point SHOULD be reached next gen. Developers should be able to do anything they want, no matter which system.

If Sony goes backward compat, at least with PS4 games, on the 5, I will buy both systems. Xbox 2, will be backwards compatible, Microsoft has worked too hard on its back catalog not to carry the games to XBOX 2.

Now, I want Switch 2.0 4K. I don't think a 4K game machine could be the size of a Switch and $299, soon though.

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snoopgg2115d ago

After the x, I can't wait to see what the ps5 can do.

blm5042115d ago

Didn't mean to offend you playboy

Obscure_Observer2114d ago


"After the x, I can't wait to see what the ps5 can do."

Me too! I sure that Cerny took some serious notes from the Xbox One X´s hardware, and i think he has something special in mind for the PS5, specially considering that Spencer already said that the Scarlett will be the more powerful console when it releases.

UltraNova2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Obscure, well if it releases one year after the ps5 then it will be more powerful. (Yes water is wet). What I'd like to see MS do is go toe to toe with Sony and release their system on the same month.

Now that will be interesting.

execution172114d ago

@UltraNova they released the PS4 and Xbox One a week a part in the same month and Sony didn't even do a world wide release until a few months later

UltraNova2114d ago


You are missing the point here buddy.

Omnislashver362114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

It does seem pretty insane. Imagining what just twice the RAM would do, much less 2.5x if we're lucky. And Ryzen is going to make the 60fps graphical tradeoff much simpler for developers, I imagine more and more games will atleast have a 60fps mode(and graphically it will nearly be as good as the 30fps mode.) Only thing I hope for is that it has better cooling. I don't expect miracles, but Xbox One/X is much quieter than PS4/Pro, so Vapor Chamber cooling, as well as a form factor like the Pro(yes, slightly large is what I'm expecting as we're not getting much of a jump without keeping the form factor on the slightly larger end), could easily lower the decibels quite a bit. TBH the Pro is not crazy huge anyway.

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carreirabr2115d ago

Next-gen won't fix your bad writing and broken pbr pipeline, Crystal Dynamics.

Sm00thNinja2115d ago

Early reviews of Shadow of Tomb Raider are fairly positive. It's not like Crystal Dynamics has been pumping out mediocre games 🙄

Razmiran2115d ago

I dont think its crystal dynamics behind shadow of the tomb rider, wasnt it Eidos Montreal?

-Foxtrot2115d ago

Which is silly considering it looks like a step back from Rise of the Tomb Raider..

Any other game is more of the same = Nit pick reviews "It's more or less the same"

Tomb Raider is more of the same = Oh it's fine...no problem "more or less the same is a good thing"

Sm00thNinja2115d ago

@Foxtrot. The Uncharted games are more of the same just improved upon. Uncharted 4 being basically perfection on that formula. Sequels usually ARE more of the same.

Sm00thNinja2115d ago

@Razmiran. Crystal Dynamics made the excellent ROTR which is sitting at an 88 meta. My point is they've made great games. I would love to see what they do next gen

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phoenixwing2115d ago

Tomb Raider games are good. They just happen to be not as good as uncharted, but I mean c'mon very few games are of that quality.

Sm00thNinja2115d ago

Why even bring up Uncharted though. I get the similarities but they can coexist

MadLad2115d ago

I'd disagree there. I thought even the 2013 reboot had better gunplay and world traversal than Uncharted. Definitely by the time Rise came out. The extra mechanics on offer in Tomb Raider just furthers that divide for me.

starchild2114d ago

Not really true for me. I like both franchises about equally. Uncharted has the more likeable characters and interesting narrative. Tomb Raider has the deeper and more enjoyable gameplay.

Starman692114d ago

No way would I put uncharted or tomb raider above each other... They're both freeking class!! 2 of the finest franchises in the gaming world, period!! 👌

agent45322114d ago

The reboot of Tomb Raider started out pretty good. An unseen enemy, Lara being emotional of killing an animal, shivering, and need of hunger. Then after that amazing intro, it devolves into an Uncharted Clone which was utterly lame. How I wished it would of continue from that amazing intro.

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nommers2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Your attitude won’t fix your poorly thought out knee jerk comment next gen.

starchild2114d ago

Broken PBR pipeline? Lol There's nothing wrong with the physically based rendering in the newer Tomb Raider games. They've all been extremely impressive looking games. And by game standards the writing isn't bad. It isn't the best writing I've seen in a game, but it's better than average. The gameplay and presentation are top notch though.

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Gardenia2115d ago

A quiet PS5 with better cooling system is what I want

DarkVoyager2115d ago


I can only imagine what Sony’s 1st party Studios will achieve with PS5.