PSP-3000 just isn't cutting it for some people.

It seems like the PSP-3000 isn't living up to it's expectations for a lot of angry owners. Apparently, the screen isn't as good as promised, and people are venting their frustration on the poor forums of the internet.

The problem with the screen? Some games and videos tend to interlace, especially when fast-moving objects are involved. (More after jump)

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Will_Smith3645d ago

I still have a PSP-1000 lol... with FW 5.00

i like to keep it simple... am i happy with my PSP? Sure... it plays Music, Movies, and Games. It goes online and connects to my PS3 when i'm in the living room and i want to play Resident Evil 2 or Metal Gear Solid.

Sorry to those who are having problems with the new version, maybe Sony will do something about it... maybe not

The Matrix3645d ago

1st bad system that Sony has made.

ceedubya93644d ago

The original PS2 was pretty f'ed up at first. This PSP problem seems really small compared to that. Thankfully, PS2 was home to some of the greatest games at the time.

pwnsause3645d ago

lets see how im able to carry a box with me on the subway...

The Matrix3645d ago

I am but I'm afraid it will wake up my neighbors...2 miles away.

NegativeCreep4273644d ago

O.K. smart guy, how the hell am I going to carry a 7.7 pound console in my pocket?

Get Microsoft's Proverbial shlong out of you're a$$ and just shut the F up.

FantasyStar3644d ago

An Xbox is more likely to keep you safe because if you're in a bind with a criminal, then you chuck the box at him and it'll explode into flames! Killing him in a satisfying way.

I know I wouldn't want to get side-swiped by a 7 lb. Xbox. Defense first people! Also you can't hide an Xbox when you're trying to steal it, it'll be obvious. Another plus!

robotnik3644d ago

No thanks, I would rather killing myself with a spoon.

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Miraak82 3645d ago

some people need alittle cheese with thier WHINE!!!

Silvia0073645d ago

think people won't notice... yeah right. Who's the dumb SOB who approved this "upgraded" version of the PSP.

f7897903645d ago

Why trade in something for a newer version when the older version works perfectly fine? Spend the money on games, not newer hardware.

Silvia0073644d ago

But I think the main reason for the upgrade is to try and thwart piracy. Not about improving the system. The "improved" screen is just a gimmick to try and lure people into getting the new psp and leave the slim and fat behind. I wouldn't be surprised if the new screen is cheaper then the current screens for the PSP slim and fat.

RAF-TECH3645d ago

is somwhere in my room collecting dust.
Even the modding got boring.

Just release games SONY.
Crisis core was beat months ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.