Final Fantasy XV to-date sales cross Final Fantasy XIII, 6th best selling title in series

Final Fantasy XV's latest sales numbers mean that the game has crossed its single-player-only predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII, in overall sales.

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FallenAngel1984635d ago

FFVI at over 10 million doesn’t sound right. After looking into this, turns out this article is using VGChartz numbers. On top of that VGC itself is including the sale of every SNES Classic into FFVI’s sales.

Also FFXIV has over 10 million players, not 10 million in sales.

These discrepancies calls the validity of this article into question.

ReZoN634d ago

It’s VGsales Wikis not VGChartz...

FallenAngel1984634d ago

Either way SNES Classic sales shouldn’t be factored into FFVI sales.

PhantomS42634d ago

The game's sales shouldn't be factored into the game's sales? That's a new one.

FallenAngel1984634d ago

That’s the sale of a device with the game, not specifically the game itself

nommers634d ago

I knew something was fishy when they said this game passing the 8 million mark was 6th. 7, 8, 10 And 13 are the only ones to have previously passed that mark iirc. It wasn’t until ff7 that the ff series started selling some noticeable mainstream numbers.

Shiken634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

If it has over 10 million players, it has over 10 mil sales...cause ya know...each player has to BUY THE GAME TO PLAY IT.

Unless you mean that sales are actually much higher than the 10 mil active player which case you would be correct.

FallenAngel1984634d ago

@ nom

Ikr. I was wondering what other titles in the series besides FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, & FFXIII sold that well above 8 million.

@ Shiken

Nope. Registered players =\= sales. That should be common sense.

One person can buy the game and make multiple accounts. Or one person buys the game and multiple people can make profiles with their user accounts.

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Harkins1721634d ago

Hope the next 4 dlcs prove worth it.

gamer7804634d ago

I much preferred 13 to 15, atleast it was finished upon release

TheRealTedCruz634d ago

Eh. I'm just going to replay XII again.

BlahBlahWhatever633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

The last FF was X, the series died after that, any FF (in name only) released after X is trash, at least old school fans still have DQ if they wanna experience a real traditional JRPG what FF used to be before Square kill it, if only Enix speed up the development process & release new DQ games at least every 3 years that would be perfect, fans waited 10 years to see a sequel on consoles after DQVIII that's way too long...

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