The Weird History Of The Super NES CD-ROM, Nintendo's Most Notorious Vaporware

Nintendo never released a CD-ROM gaming system. But for a while in the early 1990s, it flirted with the idea. That protracted will-they-won’t-they romance produced pages of breathless gossip columns in video game magazines, a mountain of vaporware, some terrible Zelda games, and one priceless prototype.

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awdevoftw129d ago

It's not a weird history. They didn't want to give Sony what they wanted and snaked out of the deal, creating a competitor.

Master of Unlocking128d ago

Rumour has it, then Nintendo Oyab... CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi went off the rails and got really enraged when he saw that someone at Nintendo had signed a contract which stipulated that all the royalties of the games sold on the SNES CD-ROM would go to Sony, with Nintendo not seeing a cent of it. Someone at Nintendo must have had a really rough time, lol

SuperSonic91128d ago

Okay. Now this a story that will never get old and will always be a Unicorn not a dead horse like cross play.