GameStyle: WipEout HD Review

WipEout and the PlayStation brand have had a long history together. Undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the original PlayStation, it was a hip, stylish, futuristic racer with ships that hovered elegantly over the ground, speeding around tracks at ridiculous velocities, all to the sound of pumping dance music. It was also very hard.

In the intervening years, WipEout has struggled to remain relevant, a predicament worsened by the ill-received WipEout Fusion. The cultural landscape has changed and the series has held onto its remaining fanbase with some admittedly rather good portable entries. But for WipEout to retain its impact, it needs to think big. Enter WipEout HD.

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Asurastrike3701d ago

Good game.

btw, 7/10 means good. Or at least it did before every reviewer started giving out 9's and 10's to everything.

PimpHandStrong3701d ago

this score is unfair

i never played Wipeout games and was never a fan but when i seen it for 20 bucks i thought i would give it a try

well i give the game a 9.5/10

Its the best way to listen to music and kill 30min here and there i have ever had!

They have a trouphy for 50 and 100 ZONES! My max is 42! Really hard but fun