NVIDIA RTX GPUs: Ahead of Their Time or Insanely Overpriced?

Despite NVIDIA’s hype surrounding the newest line of graphics cards, they’ve been met with a significant amount of disagreements.

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Pyrofire951723d ago

I think RTX is amazing and literally the future of rendering not only games but movies but I feel like the next series will really refine the tech. The cards arn't out yet but it seems like even the 2070 be a little under power for what people might be expecting rtx to perform at.

That would be at full RTX rendering a scene tho since RTX can also run some elements with ray tracing like reflections or shadows as well as DLSS.

tldr: wait for them to come out cause they cost like a whole bit coin.

Tapani1723d ago

What do you base your opinion on? There's no concrete data before the review embargo gets lifted. We only have non-concrete results from Nvidia, and it's the usual marketing mumbo jumbo you have repeated just there. I'm sure the cards are fast, but you are simply repeating what the company said, because there is nothing else to reflect on.

Profchaos1723d ago

2070 will make every title shine right now and with no real major big budget titles promising to push graphics forward I think it's fine

playnice1723d ago

Even if ray tracing is the future of real time rendering I wouldn't be surprised if this tech gets implemented without Nvidia cards sooner or later and I doubt green team is gonna be suddenly dominating even more the competion because RTX. Just like hairworks... Looked good when it came out but it killed performance and arguably by the time it ran well there were very attractive alternatives.

Genova841723d ago

"Insanely overpriced."

There I saved you effort of reading this opinion piece.

Now let's wait for it's actual release and some 3rd party benchmarks before we make our conclusions.

Noclos1723d ago

I don't care for some lighting tech, we need a real boost in hardware or people are just paying for double price of GTX, just for ray tracing which will affect the FPS.

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CyrusLemont1723d ago

Honestly it just seems like a way of sidestepping more powerful GPUs so they can milk their consumer base longer before next gen consoles arrive and thus demand a higher baseline for power to achieve 4K/60fps visuals. They still have to offer their user base something new without being “too powerful”.

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