5 ways the new Spider-Man game raises the bar for all other video games

After playing Marvel's "Spider-Man" for PlayStation 4 for about a week now, I've really begun to appreciate a handful of aspects that will make playing other video games without these features much more difficult.

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sammarshall102699d ago

I think the combat in Spiderman is some of the best we've seen

joab777699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Absolutely. I was surprised by the difficulty on spectacular. It really forces you to understand it fully to perfect it, getting away from button mashing. I felt this way with Arkham too in the amazing challenge rooms...

GoW and Spider-Man knocked combat out of the park this yr.

outsider1624699d ago

What i love is when you're chasing bad guys in their getaway cars. As you swing you can see cops chasing them too. You really feel like you're Spiderman.
Reminds me of the old Spiderman movies. Damn, feels so awesome.

sammarshall102697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Agreed! God of War had a lot of depth to it's combat too especially mixing the long range throwing the axe calling it back and melee

GottaBjimmyb699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Combat is great, but I think that this game has some of the most impressive animation of any other game, especially considering it is a super hero game and many animation can not be attained via motion capture.

@joab definitely agree with GOW and Spidermam being best combat of the year, but do have to admit, GOW's combat is way above spiderman IMO. (And that is praise for GOW not an insult to spiderman)

GOW took everything good from Dark souls, batman arkham and past GOW game's combat and just perfected them. At least I think so.

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joab777695d ago

For sure. The animation and assets spent on costumes really highlight that you ARE Spider-Man!!

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joab777699d ago

These are 5 great points. They really thought about ways that would add to the enjoyment of a video game. The suits alone are a superhero nerds dream come true. The saving is great, the combat is fleshed out and spectacular is how everyone should play. And the traversal. Wow!!!!

SuperSonic91699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Thank you for this great article aka The Microsoft Network.

Nu699d ago

Nice to see innovation in the industry. Zelda botw and now this game.its a great time to be alive

CorndogBurglar699d ago

To be fair Zelda BotW didn't really innovate anything. Nothing in that game was new to the genre at all.

It was still a fantastic game that I loved, mind you.

monkeyshawn60697d ago

Wrong again. Zelda mixed in real physics and a go anywhere game.

SuperSonic91699d ago

Tell us, what did TLOZ BOTW innovate on that has not been done before?

jznrpg699d ago

You kill a guy named Ganon, that’s never been done

GameBoyColor698d ago

Spiderman hasn't done anything different than any other game either tbf.

monkeyshawn60697d ago

Real time weather, innovative freeworld roaming, how the objects interacted with the environments, how gameplay was effected by how you chose to go in any direction.

But, none of this matters, you won't listen because of your cognitive bias on Nintendo. Get over it BOTW won GOTY. Now go back to Spiderman which is repetitive as heck.

SuperSonic91697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

@ monkey

Real time weather?
Shenmue did that decades ago on the Dreamcast.
BOTW is so late to the party.
Street Fighter 2 had interactive objects.

Yeah all you have are your precious review scores other than that Nintendo games are technically very old games.

monkeyshawn60697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Wrong. Not a piece of weather in one place and really? I did not realize in SF2 you could manipulate objects around the environment and with other objects? Stop lying. Like GOW and Spiderman which did nothing new.

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TheGamez100699d ago

We need more proper superhero games like this...

jukins698d ago

I'm sure they're on their way after this. Sony supposedly doubled down on these kind of first party games.

Strange99698d ago

I wasn't halfway through that first Fisk mission before I paused the game and started daydreaming about what they could do with other characters. These guys knocked it out of the park. If they can truly capture what its like to be a character of this caliber its got me excited to play any game based off of any DC/ Marvel character. With their skill they could make any boring character a blast to play.

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