PlayStation 2 still thriving online

Blake Snow of Gamepro writes: Chris Bennett uses his PS2 religiously to play sports games. I know because he told me when I asked about his playing habits. And while surprised to discover that I write about games for a living, he seemed almost uninterested in newer, shiny consoles. For him, the PlayStation 2 does everything he needs and then some, including live competition.

"Currently more than 450 PS2 titles are operating online," says John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony of America. "Out of this number, more than 60 titles had at least 100 accesses last week -- a very high number for a platform entering its ninth year of life."

What's more, online PS2 games see little (if any) publicity when compared to Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 communities. But with more than 140 million PS2 owners worldwide, there's bound to be someone online at any given moment, especially with high-profile games like Madden.

Surprised by the ongoing support (I was one of many that never played PS2 online), I took to the GamePro library to sample some games.

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Will_Smith3701d ago

Socom 2 being one of them, yeah. I played online about 2 weeks ago to see what servers where still up and these games still had players:

Star Wars Battlefront 2

and for the record the BEST PS2 game online was most def METAL GEAR 3: ONLINE... it was soo amazing.

to bad they pulled the plug on that game =(

SaiyanFury3700d ago

For me it's Champions of Norrath all the way. The only series I've ever played online with a friend. I love it. We've also played through Champions: Return to Arms and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Those games where the only ones I ever enjoyed playing online. I've never played an online game on PS3 and the only one I tried on 360 was Tenchu Z. The playstyle of people online in Tenchu completely mismatched my style so I was soured on it. I'll stick to single player modes from now on, unless games like Resistance have 2 player coop.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

Playstation 2 still going strong

PoSTedUP3701d ago

i payed 100$ to play socom online : P

but yea, nowadays its free : )

mikeslemonade3701d ago

I played Socom 2 online it was free. All i had to do was pay for the $35 network adapter that was not included.

PoSTedUP3701d ago

network adapter + ethernet cable + headset. all came out to like 100$ for me.

trancefreak3701d ago

battlefield 2 i play it some times and there are active players. Also killzone averages around 90 people lol at any given time.


Monster Hunter
SOCOM...all three
Battlefeild were all the best online ga,es

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The story is too old to be commented.