Forza Horizon 4 Preorders Tracking “Well Ahead” of Expectations – Microsoft

Xbox marketing boss, Aaron Greenberg, says it will be the “biggest and best-selling Forza” ever launched.

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XiNatsuDragnel408d ago

I'm excited to see the final product

Kribwalker408d ago

I can’t wait for this one.

I thought Gamepass will kill game sales though. We had companies telling us it would put them out of business. I wonder what had changed now

mkis007408d ago

Well its a Microsoft product and they are the only ones doing day 1 gamepass. It will be interesting to see if they can get other pubs to do it.

aconnellan408d ago

I’m pretty sure they had Vermantide come out on Game Pass day one, which was pretty cool

yomfweeee408d ago

Exactly what data do you have to prove how Gamepass affected sales one way or another? Microsoft releases no numbers.

Bhai407d ago

Absolutely... and “Well Ahead” of Expectations??? Hahaha they said this for sea of thieves too and over several weeks it was just sold over 200K only at retail... I hope they pit FH4 against Spidey ;)

81BX407d ago

What were the gamepass and digital numbers. In 2018 you cant act like only physical sales matter.

CarlDechance408d ago

Companies? Wasn't it one brick and mortar store in Europe who was freaking out? Did I miss others?

CarlDechance407d ago It wasn't one. It was three. I'm surprised MS didn't shut down Game Pass right then and there. /s

Kribwalker407d ago

“The Austrian retailer Gameware, and UK retailers Extreme Gamez and Sholing Video are just a few of the independent game stores which have an issue with Xbox Game Pass. In fact, Gameware has such a big issue that it made plans to no longer stock Xbox products just because Xbox Game Pass makes “repeat business with customers minimal.””

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408d ago
lelo2play408d ago

The funny thing is that Forza Horizon is more popular then it's original IP, Forza Motorsport.

Noclos408d ago

Because Sim racing games become pathetic and it all about realstic photo mode. I mean nothing changed since GT4 and still about limited spaces and tracks. Give me open world sim that have proper setting, drifting and crashing and it well sell a lot.

Zeref407d ago

Because people enjoy arcadey racers more than sims. But I think Forza 8 is going to be something different. I think they realized they can't make it the same thing again with more cars. So they took a year off.

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The story is too old to be commented.