Overwatch is October's Humble Monthly early unlock.

IGN's 2016 Game of the Year is the October Humble early unlock. For $12, you get this game now then others at the start of October if you subscribe to Humble Bundle's monthly subscription.

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CarlDechance135d ago

Meh.....guess I'll suspend my subscription a month. Not interested at all.

SegaGamer135d ago

I never understand this line of thinking. Why bother suspending it when there are like 6 or 7 more games to come?

Just do what I do, trade the games you don't want on Steamtrades.

CarlDechance135d ago

Ugh. Steamtrades looks like a mess. I can always change my mind of the "6 or 7 more games" when they are revealed, but why commit? I don't understand your line of thinking.

SegaGamer135d ago (Edited 135d ago )


" I can always change my mind of the "6 or 7 more games" when they are revealed, but why commit? "

Ugh, no, you'll find that you are wrong there. You can't change your mind once those games are revealed. If you aren't signed up to their subscription before those games are revealed, then you won't be able to get them. If you sign up to their monthly subscription AFTER those games are revealed, then you will get November's games instead, not the rest of October's.

This is why I said I don't understand people that do this. If you suspend it for a month just because the first reveal isn't to your liking, then you'll likely miss out on something good when the rest of the games are revealed.

And Steamtrades isn't a mess, it's very simple. Offer trade, wait for reply, if that person agrees, you contact each other on Steam to complete the trade. If somebody tries to scam you, then leave negative feedback on Steamtrades. Like I said, it's simple.

slate91135d ago

So if u spend $12 you keep it forever? Or you lose it when your sub runs out?

lelo2play135d ago

For Humble Monthly you get game activation keys for (Blizzard ) / Steam / Origin / etc.
Soon as you activate the games in those services, you keep them forever... even you give up Humble Monthly on the next month.

SegaGamer135d ago

I personally think Humble Bundle's monthly subscription is the best deal in gaming right now. You always get a AAA game or two, plus AA games and Indie games. Sometimes there are a few games I am not interested in, but there hasn't been a single month where I have disliked every game.

It's such a low price, I don't know how anybody can complain about it.

letsa_go135d ago

All the code reselling sites get flooded with these games. I ended up getting A Hat in Time for $4 because it was in a humble monthly a few months ago.