God of War Director Gives Spider-Man a Round of Applause in the Most Adorable Way

And the praise for Spider-Man just keeps rolling in. God of War director Cory Barlog pays tribute to the latest superhero game in the sweetest way. Read on to check it out for yourself!

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SuperSonic91136d ago

That one formidable multi-million dollar system selling exclusive super force by the PS4!

Spider-Man by The Ramones

proudly_X136d ago

Love the way Sony 1st and 2nd party studios are loving up..

Majin-vegeta136d ago

I've done nothing but beat the first mission and just swing for the past houra.PLS SEND HELP!!

elazz136d ago

The swinging is so impressive and that's without any hing upgraded and just the base suit :o
I'm amazed after playing after 3 hours of playing. It's so much fun, so colorful, the fighting and swinging mechanics are really advanced and animation is amazing. Happy with my purchase, well worth the wait.

notachance136d ago

noooo, it's saturday afternoon here and my copy is still with the courier

Larrysweet135d ago

Im loving it but combat idk not as easy to dodge as arkham and seem just really on air hit and combo

TheGoodestBoi135d ago

I know right, and some were making out the swinging to be janky before the release. Not only Is it seemless it makes traveling around fun

CannonB8135d ago

I can't stop collecting stuff. I've played a few hours into the story but have collected most of the backpacks and landmarks.

I just can't stop swining round the city.

jimbost79135d ago

I know what you mean. Normally i cba with collectibles, and plough straight through the story, but im going for everyone in this as soon as it appears on the map. Glad that theyre all marked out aswel. Well hopefully they are, im only a few hours in. I really hate unmarked hidden collectibles.

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The story is too old to be commented.