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GameSpot writes: "Wii Music is fun. It's fun even though you don't actually play music. It's fun even though it's not really a game, and it's fun even though it's not a good value, either. Very young children (from 3 to 6 years of age) will probably get the most out of conducting an orchestra, waving controllers to mimick playing steel drums, and using their Miis to make a goofy arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. theme song, but even a group of adults can get a few hours of joy from Wii Music before the novelty wears off".

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Zerodin3740d ago

Go back to raping the invalid you piece of sh!t.

Sony Rep3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Flop is all I have to say.

You're used to it aren't you?

Fable II Pub Games
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Bullet Witch
Tenchu Z
Spectral Force 3
Too Human
Final Fantasy XI
Culdcept Saga
Lost Odyssey
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Blue Dragon
Kameo: Elements of Power
Perfect Dark Zero
Ninja Gaiden II
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Saints Row
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
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Viva Pinata
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Fable II
Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action
Beautiful Katamari
Full Auto


You're used to it aren't you? Aren't you?!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3740d ago

@Sony Rep

Zerodin was owned with utmost brutality.Well done

Draperc3740d ago

In my opinion, any game that gets 60 or less on metacritic is a flop.

out of 493 games that are on the 360, 135 of them have scored 60 or less.

Out of the 231 games on the ps3, 49 have a score of 60 or less.

ReTarDedFisHy3740d ago

Zerodin is just a blind ignorant fanboy :(

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darkdoom30003740d ago

looks like this game wont be joining wii fit and play..

Will_Smith3740d ago

maybe not in score reviews but its going to sell like hotcakes with the casual crowd

big shadow3740d ago

highest score I've seen so far and still a crappy score

big shadow3740d ago

they must of been drunk when they reviewed it

Mahr3740d ago

"they must of been drunk when they reviewed it"

You say that as if that's a bad thing.

Frankly, we need more games that are a blast to play while drunk.

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darkdoom30003740d ago

wow... this is the first time im actually agreeing with you... wow.. just wow.

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