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Quote from article: "Have you ever left your game on pause for two hours because you went to get some pizza and never made it back? Have you even scratched your head and wondered why people complained about Halo being too short when it took you 20 hours to complete. Have you ever spent 10 minutes looking perplexed at the in-game map wondering what the hell it all means before your attention is finally captured by the flashing neon marker which marks your position?

Congratulations, you are one of the many gamers out there who've gone against doctor and parental advice to play a game ripped, stoned, bent, whacked, baked, toasted, or in deep conversation with either Wesley Pipes, Mary Jane or Billy Bong Thornton."

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BabyStomper50003647d ago

It's the best way to play. I can't wait for LBP! I have a quarter oz. of magic mushrooms with that game written all over em!!

Sucks2BU3647d ago

yeah it is more fun - but i cannot say I honestly get more points when stoned. Maybe on some games, but for the most part I am worse for sure.

redgaurd3647d ago

lol imagine how big the shrooms look to sackboy.

SlappingOysters3647d ago


So down with SKATE on this!!

I reckon Fallout might make it once it is released.

SlappingOysters3647d ago

I hate the Wii. It just bores me, so I have never tried to play it off my head. Have any of you guys? Is it any good wasted?

Sucks2BU3647d ago

Mario Kart is alright. But isn't it more of a case of the Wii not having that many decent games?

SlappingOysters3647d ago

give me it on SNES dude. Stuff the Wii version!!1

Sucks2BU3647d ago

SKATE rules I would also say Gears and Halo, I didn't play one second of either of those gamess straight and co-op all the way.

Catagory 3 stoner, according to the article hahaaha

Imallvol73647d ago

Um, a lot of people read this site. Why be a bad influence. Drugs aren't cool.

SlappingOysters3647d ago

I lot of people read this site, and can make up their own minds.

redgaurd3647d ago

lol don't do drugs. Bubbles bro.

FailStation33646d ago

drugs rule. ppl who don't do drugs are loser nerds, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.