Insomniac Games says it’s open to more Marvel titles

It looks like the developer behind Spyro The Dragon and Ratchet and Clank has another hit on its hands -- and we could see them make a sequel with Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

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darthv721061d ago

Awe... I was hoping after this they would make a sequel to SSOD. If they are interested in more marvel though... a nice reboot of Hulk Ultimate Destruction would be nice.

Jinger1061d ago

I'd love a SSOD sequel, but I'd also like more high quality Marvel games. Either way it's a win win for me.

vesaxu1061d ago

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darthv721061d ago

Guess we got some Hulk haters in here....

Srhalo1061d ago

Why would they make Sunset Overdrive which was a commercial failure when they can make more Marvel games like Spider-Man which is probably going to be the best selling game the studio has ever made?

If their next game is a sequel it's safe to say it will be Marvel's Spider-Man 2

darthv721061d ago

@halo, well despite how the disagrees feel about SSOD... the game is solid fun and IG has said they would like to make a follow-up, even if multiplat, but had not found a publisher.

Making more marvel games is good too and it could be SM2 but, again, I'd love to see them make a hulk game using this same creative freedom.

JEECE1060d ago

I can see the love for their original stuff, but I think after this success they're going to find it hard to say no to future offers from marvel.

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ArchangelMike1061d ago

I haven't even played it yet and already I want them to make a sequel :)

sammarshall1021060d ago

It's amazing I played all yesterday

Rimeskeem1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Just dont stretch yourself too much.

THC CELL1061d ago

Someone's upset they did not get a ps4

Rimeskeem1061d ago

Wut, I am just saying to not spread the team too much. That often results in significantly long development or more bugs. I would love to see another marvel title from Insomniac as long as the quality continues to be at this bar. I own a PS4 and am playing Spidey....

AspiringProGenji1061d ago

Someone with a U4 avatar doesn’t have a PS4...


cooperdnizzle1061d ago

Good thing Insomniac is private, and knows how to manage a business while being great devolpers. The teams they have there are rock solid they needed a big IP like this. I don’t see them stretch themselves to thin. They are always profitable even when some games don’t go cording to plan!

criticalkare1061d ago

Isnt that crystal dynamics are making right now? Avengers game