Limited Edition Spider Man PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing and Impressions

It's finally here, The Limited Edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro has arrived! With the hype around Spider Ps4, many gamers are looking to upgrade to the new Spider-Man PS4 Pro. This episode of Bad Bit Games, Joseph will unbox the console, and discuss whether or not its worth dropping over 400 bucks on this Spidey Console.

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salmonade869d ago

Pls go away. This guy is trying to force himself everywhere. PS4 pro looks amazing, but i don't want to watch this guy opening it.

Poli_Games869d ago

Lol Hey it’s you again! Easy, and simple solution is just don’t watch it. Haha! Yeah it’s a really awesome console. I hope you find that special someone that obviously isn’t me open it for you. I’ll never go away Sal, we’re going to be swell pals!

v_eno_m868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

hehe this guy made me smile. Great job on the transitioning to wearing the full iron spidey costume. made me laugh towards the end. ^_^

CarlDechance868d ago

Mine was just delivered! Can't wait to get home and unbox mine!