Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition Unboxing Is It Worth $150 (SPOILERS)

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4, is finally out! Which means its time to take a look at Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition. With a hefty price tag of $149.99 (US) and a mystery spoiler statue hidden inside. It's about time, we take a look inside, and judge whether or not this pricy PlayStation Collector's Edition is worth the price tag.

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salmonade871d ago

omg it's THIS GUY again. Pass and pass on your terrible podcasts. The collectors edition is awesome and the last thing I need is to this guy open it.

Poli_Games871d ago

Lol this has oddly made my day! Thank you xD It is pretty rad ain’t it?!

thatguyhayat871d ago

No it isn't dude. I have it and its a huge let down. They should have had a big figurine with spiderman facing the sinister 6 instead of the low quality we got

Poli_Games871d ago

Yeah, it’s a cool statue and all I just feel like there might be better collectors editions out there. God of Wars was the same price and offer a bevy of cool stuff. That statue as well wasn’t half bad. Thanks for the comment @ThatGuyHayAt

MrSwankSinatra871d ago

no it isnt that shit is basic as fuck

DaFeelz871d ago

I have/had it. It’s crap. Thankfully, I was only in it for the steel book. I gave the statue to my homie this morning.

MrSwankSinatra871d ago

the steelbook sucks too, it doesn't even have the name on the spine.

DaFeelz871d ago

Haha... I thought that I was being too petty that, there being no name on the spine, bothered the shit outta me. Glad to see I’m not alone.

toddybad871d ago

I can answer this question without even reading the article.


Anybody spending this sort of money is a nutjob.