DSi - new footage/trailers

Footage of DSi applications, a slightly modified PictoChat a TV commercial, and more.

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Lightning PS33646d ago

The DS is trash. Only good for Mario games.

chanmasta3646d ago

... that to the over 60 million people who have one.

DarkBlood3646d ago

yeah like he said the ds is not trash but it is lacking in interesting games

the only games i buy for it mostly are mario, zelda, final fantasy games and any kind of rpg games and so forth

id say donkey kong in it but the only good ones were donkey kond country 1 and donkey kong 64

DarkBlood3646d ago

though i notice the speaker looks like the psp ones i hope the sound isn't the same as the psp as you have to turn it up full volume to hear anything on my psp