Square Enix Announces TGS Lineup: Kingdom Hearts III, Left Alive, Possible Unannounced Games, & More

Today Square Enix announced its lineup of games and livestreams for Tokyo Game Show 2018.

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PhoenixUp103d ago

“Incidentally, the official announcement mentions that sales of Final Fantasy XV passed 8.1 million worldwide.”

Holy crap nice work Square Enix.

On a side note, I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 outsells the original so it can be the best selling title in the series.

thatguyhayat102d ago

They confirmed thats a release window for next gen

paintedgamer1984102d ago

Where tf is ff7remake? Its been 2 years now since it was unveiled...

Jman1553102d ago

I doubt we will see that until after kh3 is out. Maybe e3?

on_line_forever102d ago

I hope Square Enix let fromsoftware remake Vagrant story .

Just Imagine fromsoftware remake this game and make the fight with dragons in Vagrant story like Midir fight in dark souls 3

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