First Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC Suit Revealed

"Tonight on the Countdown to Launch livestream for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4, Sony, Marvel, and Insomniac Games gave us our first look at an upcoming DLC suit for Spider-Man."

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Team_Litt42d ago

That is legit the best original Spider-Man suit I've seen in a game. Insomniac are great.

42d ago
MadMax42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

All this stuff should be included with the $60 we put down on the game. Dlc has gotta be the biggest joke and scam of all time in games.

This goes for all games! Im not just picking on insomniac for this, but i thought they might be one of the few that wouldnt participate in this. I really respect the fact god of war didn't do this! Stop milking us all, or start charging us less for games. Damn, been gaming for many years and really miss the days when dlc didn't exist.

What you pay for the game is what you would get, and everybody was happy. It's like we're getting incomplete games for $60 a pop. I don't think I've ever spent money on dlc. Lol

CarlDechance42d ago

The price of games has been $60 for over 10 years. If publishers can keep the price steady at $60 by offering additional content for an additional cost then I don't see the problem. They alternative is that the base game price would raise to $80 for every game. I don't see how that would be a good thing.