Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Getting "Some Form of Early Access" and Dynasty System

The highly anticipated Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will have an Early Access period, though developer TaleWorlds remains cagey on any form of release date for the game.

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CasparOY136d ago

I thought it's coming... but NOPE still don't have release date

XiNatsuDragnel135d ago

Bring it to console eventually

Garrett_the_GOD135d ago

I'm pretty sure it is coming to console,it will probably release of PC first though...on another note I dont understand the downvote.I swear,there are some true wierdos in the gaming community.people who want to see other people miss out on games just because you game on a different platform than they do..I hope this game reaches every platform it possibly can.I would love to see this game become a HUGE success so the developers can get the recognition they deserve