Games Are Evil: Tomb Raider Underworld Hands-On Preview

Few videogame characters create quite so much of a buzz as Lara Croft. Her role as a strong, intelligent and successful female character is a rarity not just within videogames, but popular culture as a whole. While the mass global phenomenon that is 'Tomb Raider' has died down a little since the original first hit the Playstation, Ms. Croft herself remains as popular, and as recognisable, as ever.

With her latest adventure, Tomb Raider: Underworld (TRU) fast approaching we were lucky enough to travel to 'Croft Manor' (seriously) to get a feel for how Lara is shaping up, and gauge what we can expect from the final game.

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roblef3647d ago

I've always been a fan from a distance on this series. This new set of images and the article itself may well change my mind.

bgrundman3647d ago

Everything looks sharp, but does it move well?