IGN: Velvet Assassin Preview

IGN writes: "Action games set in World War II are quite common in this day and age. While Velvet Assassin is set during that popular time period, it's not what you'd expect. This third-person perspective game focuses its attention on the stealth-action mechanics. You star as British protagonist Violet Summer. German developer Replay Studios based her character off of a real WWII rebel woman named Violet. This brave lady reportedly stood up to the Nazi regime back in the day. While Velvet Assassin is loosely based on an existing story, as Violet you'll be able to shank Nazis in the crown jewels. So I think it's safe to say some liberties were taken here.

You'll be shanking a lot in Velvet Assassin because one of your primary weapons is the knife. While there was a pistol in the build that I played, the gun only had seven or so bullets. Therefore, I found it best to sneak around and shank to conserve ammo. As a stealth-action game, Velvet Assassin definitely focuses a lot of on the stealth aspect. Not sneaking around and taking cover in the shadows will often get you killed; in addition, running around stirs up quite a bit of noise. So its important to stay vigilant, lest you alert the guards. Taking a page out of Metal Gear Solid's book, Velvet Assassin allows you to pick up dead soldiers to hide them in dark areas."

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